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Here’s Why Rihanna Is My Fashion Icon

Disclaimer: This is quite a lot to read, but if you check out the titles in red and the pics, you’ll surely get my point.

Rihanna is a goddess among us all. Fashion is not only about the clothes, shoes, and jewelry that one wears, but also the hair, attitude, style and means of donning whatever one tries with grace and charisma. Rihanna is everything and more when it comes to fashion. She has no boundaries and breaks every rule when it comes to her clothing choice and style preferences.

She won the first-ever Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA) Fashion Icon Award in 2014, and she stated that the rules of fashion were meant to be broken and she lives up to her word every time. In her acceptance speech, she also said that fashion has always been her defense mechanism with the words “she can beat me, but she can never beat my outfit.”



She makes anything look good. She wore a jacket on the red carpet, and she still rocked the look. She has worn many looks on the many red carpets that she has graced over the years and though some of her outfit choices and looks (gothic, elegant, risque, princess- you name it, she’s probably done it). Some have been risky, but she wears them anyway because she is confident in her choices and fit. 10838426_1516139198639662_983522222_n


Rihanna is Queen when it comes to red carpets, but she owns the Met Gala whenever she makes an entrance, Case in point, let’s take a close look at both of her 2015 and 2017 Met Gala looks. 18160826_677366059123717_4697187388382773248_nIn 2015, the theme was ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ and Rihanna sure outdid herself with the massive Canary Yellow Gown that she donned on the red carpet. She hands down stole the show. Riri was the only celebrity on that red carpet who wore a couture outfit that was authentically made and designed by a Chinese designer, Guo Pei. The dress had a massive train that required assistance from people when she was climbing the steps and was filled with embroidery and fur trimming designs. It caused social media to go crazy, and she was compared was compared to an egg yolk, but she was able to see and get in the fun with the undefeated internet. It is still one the most iconic dresses to ever grace a Met Gala red carpet, and her dramatic entrance is still one for the books.  
11208062_372420732951228_2062255417_nHer effortless entrance at the 2017 Met Gala was no different. The theme was Rei Kawakubo/ Commes des Garcons: Art of the In-Between, and yet again she owned the carpet. Again, the Caribbean beauty was also one of the only celebrities on that red carpet who adhered to the theme. She wore a floral costume by Comme des Garçons paired with a knee high strappy red heels and a top bun with bangs. It was an avant-garde, but if we reflect on her fashion history, we can expect no less of her.

She skipped the 2016 Gala because she was on tour. Needless to say, Rihanna might be a sucker for a theme. Name it and best to believe that she will slay whenever and wherever you request her presence.

SHE DECIDES WHAT’S CUTE/UGLY/FASHIONABLE10729274_1538274913091218_1434976480_nRihanna tends to show the world what is fashionable. She decides what is not ugly despite an article of clothing being deemed so by the media or consumers.This encourages people to be comfortable with their bodies and wear whatever makes them happy.  She can wear something from the 2000’s that if anyone else wore people would probably comment “That’s so 2002! ” but when Rihanna wears it, she slays the game and make the old, new. Who can rock a big pink poofy Princess dress on a red carpet knowing that she could be ridiculed by the public, but feels confident enough to rock it anyway? Rihanna. Yes, she did that at the 2015 Grammy Awards, and the gown instantly became an internet sensation much like its model.  The point is… Rihanna wears what’s comfortable to her, no matter how risque or avant-garde the look might seem.

SHE LIVES TO SLAY, and she does it with oh, so, little effort…

No need to exaggerate this point. The words speak for themselves. Look at her.10809963_1519966054954977_1410699877_n.jpgHER SHOE GAME IS HELLA STRONG

Her shoe game has been questionable in the past, but she wears her products and gradually watch the public adapt to her style. When she first wore the Fenty Puma Sneaker Heels, people were like “What are those? ” and she joined in on the fun until the shoe line was released to the public at a later date and everyone and their mother wanted to be in trend with Rihanna.

She has ventures with Puma and Manolo Blahnik, but other than her collaborations she wears shoes from multiple designers and companies, and she makes everyone want to improve their shoe game.

19424759_1615412785197247_7237797514768809984_n.jpgHere she is wearing the ‘Poison Ivy’ made with emerald green stones from her latest collaboration with Manolo Blahnik for the ‘SO STONED’ Collection.
18251740_1279832028801911_5678999689429516288_n.jpg2017 Met Gala: Disquared2 strappy thigh-high sandals.

SHE REPRESENTS HER CULTURE15034541_332803087090374_7735908069204295680_nShe is an icon for black women and women overall. Being a girl from the left-side of a really tiny island, one would probably not expect much from her, but time and again she continues to steer the fashion industry with her Caribbean style. She looks great in dreadlocks and Rastafarian colors.  She embodies what it means to be a Caribbean queen in every way through her hair, the colors, her demeanor, and beauty. As a Caribbean girl myself, this is a great example for me and a step towards embracing my culture even more than I already do.20686495_1505559456170301_3556946190601814016_nI mean, she shows up to the Crop Over Carnival looking like this? How can she not be my fashion icon?


She rocks double denim like it’s nobody’s business. Wearing double denim can be quite a dangerous fashion choice, but she made it look like eating a piece of cake. The open-legged denim pants and matching jacket that she wore to Coachella this year is how one easily wears a double denim. 18011325_1310926048984683_3892686481369595904_nLet us also not forget that she turned up the heat when she was accepting her Fashion Icon Award at the CDFA’S as mentioned above. She wore a dress entirely made of over 230,000 crystals on a fishnet and a sequin headpiece.


She appeared on a red carpet wearing her hair wrapped in bobby pins with no care in the world, and the photo below shows her in Chinese bumps/ Bantu knots, which was a fashion forward look at the time. Usually, if Black girls sported the look they would probably have been called ‘ratchet’ or ‘ghetto.’ Rihanna clearly put it out there that this is a part of my culture, it’s my hair, I look good, and I feel good, so I am going to do whatever I want. And so she did. #BlackGirlMagic10732017_729221193797663_1931975497_nI always tell people “This is a Rihanna world we are all living in. Everyone wants to be like Rihanna but Rihanna is just for Rihanna,” but it doesn’t mean that we can’t model our fashion aspirations and inspiration from her. She makes her own rules and struts her stuff, whether you like it or not (if people don’t like her look at a particular time, they eventually catch up at a later date). If you ever want to start a conversation and turn head without meaning to do so, consult Rihanna’s lookbook (the internet and her Instagram account has much to offer).11419058_1612751032315402_457517213_nI am a tiny girl from the small but beautiful island of Jamaica, so naturally, the Barbadian beauty would be my fashion icon. She makes her own rules, decides what is fashionable or attractive to her and rocks whatever look she goes for like it’s nobody’s business. She allows her outfits to speak for and express herself and I wish to follow in her footsteps and pull off any look with as much charisma and style in my own Rihanna-esque manner. 

Until Next Time…

Stay Fabulous,
   –  Tiffany♥♥♥

n.b. A previous version of this was originally posted on, written by me, of course. All photos are courtesy of Badgalriri’s Instagram account.

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#Beautiful… The few days I felt like this. 

Hey, You!

Day 26| 31 Days of January Blog Challenge

Welcome back (if you care of course, and if you are new welcome!). It has been a while, and I have been busy with school so I have not been posting as religiously as I’d like. However, school is out, and I gave myself a one week break which I deserved, but that is now over.

I did not complete the January blog challenge, but here I am with an update to do just that. This will be a series of pictures of my beautiful moments so far this year! BTW, the above pic was taken at a school event, and I made that flower crown of which I am so proud.

I look like a blackberry in these photos, but it was a beautiful day. I was at an induction ceremony. #melaninbaby

I took this picture in Subway. No filter, pure sunlight, and my melanin is popping! Peep my glow though. #YassTiffany #FabulousTiffany #whenthesunlighthityouright

I had nothing to do during my little break, so naturally, I bleached my hair, as I always do! This was me attending a retirement party. #FabulousAF

IMG_2849In this photo, I was over the moon because I returned home from school after a particularly droopy day at school and my niece simply looked and me and said “Aunty Tiffany, yuh know seh yuh pretty? [did you know you are pretty?], and my spirit rose to the heavens. She then proceeded to give me a mini photo shoot and the photos were great. I slept on a cloud that night too.

P.S. She is five years old so as you can see, she has great eyes and even more talent. #FabulousTiffany #HappyAunt

I worked at a school event and one of my fellow planners took this photo for me!

Went to a beautiful formal event and this picture makes me look like I have a butt.

I just want to shed some light on my growing afro! ‘Brows are on fleek too!

So, that’s about it. Not bad at all!

Check me out:

Instagram: @waywardtiff
Twitter: @waywardtiff

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥


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Winning the Lottery or $1 Million…

Day 29

Winning the Lottery or One Million Dollars?

I would be one lucky gal if I ever won the lottery. I have never won anything in my life actually, and the chance of winning the lottery is 1 in 13.8 million, and considering my unluckiness, that chance is probably even lower. If that is even possible. So for me to win the lottery would be a testament. The same goes for me ever getting a million dollars to spend. But a girl can dream. 

What would I do? The better question is what would I not be able to do because I don’t have any more money to spend because it’s all used up. 

HERE’S WHAT I’D DO (of course depending on the amount):

  1. Firstly, I’d buy myself a burger, lemonade, a large fries and some pillows to really lay down and ponder upon my luck in my room. 
    • Because this is all new to me and I have to make sure it’s real and not in my head, for sure. Then I’d cry my eyes out and sleep on things… no, I’d laugh until my body is cramped and there is no sound leaving my throat.
  2. Go on a trip to ponder upon my new found wealth.
    • You know, clear my head and not let the money make me make rash and unreasonable decisions.
  3. Save money to pay off my current and future tuition.
    • Because the struggle is real out here! College is mad expensive, and when we leave, for the life of me, some of us cannot get a job- but this is a rant for another time.
  4. I would use about 10 percent to start investing in stocks.
    1. Investing I hear is always good, so I would actually take a chance and push my luck here.
  5. Buy my momma a house!
    • Like all ’em rappers wish to do!
    • And why not? She did give me life, after all, it’s the least I could do.
  6. Buy me a flat/loft too. 
    • I would be independent and do my own thing when I want to.Come and go as I please. Preferably somewhere cheap and warm, or just warm.
  7. Buy me a Jeep Wrangler
    • Dream vehicle. Takes me through all types of weather.
  8. Travel the world!
    • For a year because this is still a goal of mine! And blog too.
  9. Give 5 per cent to a charity/scholarship of my choice.
    • Most likely an education charity/scholarship fund based in Jamaica or the Caribbean- It hard enough out here!
  10. 15 percent is to be saved as part of my rainy day fund.
    • Because it cannot last forever. This my friends is a smart move.
  11. Whatever is left over goes into savings.
    • Yes, because I never know what might happen!
  12. Find a bloody job because it can’t last forever. Now, can it?
    • Besides, I don’t want to be that lazy person who had it all and then have nothing left when hard times come a knocking
    • Plus, shxt ain’t free! 

Does this make me a bit shallow? Maybe, IDK. But that is most likely what I’d do! At least that is what I have in mind right now.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Thoughts

This Year I Look Forward to…

I hope this will be a great year for me filled with happiness and beautiful things, times, and experiences.

This year I look forward to:

  • Becoming a senior– I literally have only two more semesters in college excluding this one. I want to be done and start my life with a job.
  • My 21st Birthday– I will be legal to drink, not a big deal but kinda! #Cancerbaby
  • Traveling more– which means finding a steady paying job.
  • Photography- This a hobby of mine and I hope that I get to capture beautiful thing so that I can keep them still for a while. I also want to scrapbook or have a portfolio of all my pictures.
  • Do/try cool things
    • This means leaving my comfort zone and my house to do ‘fun’ things that I wouldn’t usually do. Like exploring the city and trying different cuisines. 
  • Enhancing my style– I could actually use it. I need to add more color to my wardrobe, less black more colors that make my skin pop as oppose to easily hiding in a crowd.
  • Summer– I know this is a bit trivial but the warmth makes me feel at home plus I despise cold weather. My birthday is during this period which is even better. 
  • Working on my blog– uploading exciting and interesting content to my blog. Back to point six where I do cool things to share. 
  • Being in a right placeemotionally, financially, personally and academically. 
  • Netflix– Stranger Things season 2, Sense8 season 2, among other shows. Also, though this isn’t on Netflix, I’m looking forward to the return of Prison Break.

These are just a few things that I look forward to this year. What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, DITLO

Old Photo of Me…

This photo below is the oldest picture that I have of myself. I think I was a cute kid, don’t know what is happening to me right now. Puberty did me wrong.

In the photo, you’ll see two hideous twists above my forehead. I always hated them, but my mother would twist them whenever she would comb my hair. Thank goodness she comes nowhere near my hair nowadays!

Here, I was about two years old, and I think this was a picture that was taken for my passport. My tiny adorable smile. This has been a throwback to the days when I had nothing to worry about.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales

Why Blog?

Why do I blog? As of this moment, I blog mostly for three reasons: leisure, to be social and for reflection. They, of course, have sub-categories which are listed below.

1. I could possibly meet new people and make new friends [networking, building an audience].
2. I am PR student, and I am told it is great to have an active online presence to build credibility and out my character [traits] on display.
3. People may learn something new about me and this way we can have actual conversations about shared interests as opposed to awkward silence upon meeting.
4. It may look nice on my resume, especially when applying for internships/jobs.
5. My family and friends can catch up on my life and understand what is going on in my head.
6. I share thoughts/ideas/art that would otherwise be a jumble in my head.

1. It is a way for me to pass the time/ use my time to do something worthwhile as opposed to sleeping or simply doing nothing.
2. Enhance my writing/written communication skills.
3. It makes me more creative. I consistently rack my brain on what to write about and how to make my blog more interesting.
4. I can also write when I want because I love it, not because I am assigned a certain topic to write about.
5. Practice makes perfect, it is a new and beneficial hobby that may just help in my future life.
6. It’s free, and everybody likes free. Am I right?

1. My life is being documented (now a 20-year-old college student). So, it will be interesting to look back years from now to see how I have changed/grown as an individual [personally.
2. It is a diary/journal that I choose to share with myself and others. I can reread my thoughts from previous days, months, years etc. It’s like a love letter to myself that I choose to share with others.
3. Look back at my previous life as a reminder of my thoughts, life, and experiences in my final years in college.

I am still learning as this is so new to me. I resolve to have more original content with regards to the photos and gifs that I use for my posts.

What do you think so far? How am I doing? Let me know in the comments, it’s free!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

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Twenty of My Favourite Things…

Hey you there,

As a continuation of my oversharing January Blog Challenge, 🎶these are a few of my favorite thing my favorite things🎶(to do, eat, and acquire).

Double Bacon Cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, jalapeño peppers and even more bacon and cheese with fries on the side. If you ever asked me to describe love in a sentence.

This is a prime staple in a Jamaican’s diet. Patties are made from a meat/seafood (beef, chicken, shrimp) soy or vegetables. Most people prefer Beef Patties- I prefer Chicken- with Coco Bread and Cheese. (My mouth is watering just writing this).

I pretty much like anything that has a sour taste is one interpretation of my heart. I like lemons, limes, passion fruits- anything that will make me squeeze my eyes closed.121207_hol_grapefruit-crop-rectangle3-large


I particularly like this because it does not require much energy. All I have to do is show up, eat fatty foods, and not move for like an hour and a half. This is my definition of working out/exercise.  There is always good conversation mostly about nothing or we act out conversations of the people around us who are on dates.

6. LEMONADE… This was way before Beyoncé too.. lemonade-640-dm

7. MY OWN SPACEpersonal-space

I don’t go around liking random people, but I do like my friends when they become that. Since starting university, I have made two (kinda sad right), but I do like to keep my circle small as I have become somewhat of a loner. But they are A-OK. Love ’em.img_3634

I just want to live vicariously through the characters.

Like reading, music also allows me to escape reality for a bit. It brings to life events and scenario that we encounter daily but often fail to put in words. It is a beautiful thing really. 

As long as I find the time to blog and there is an interesting topic I will blog. I quite like and prefer sharing in the written form of communication as opposed to oral communication.

I am down to watch any movie as long as there is an acceptable storyline to follow. I can watch any genre -romantic comedies, fantasies, action, musicals, etc.- and have a fun time. I do have an intense dislike for the horror genre which is another story in itself.

Having a bad day? Feeling down? Bored? This is the best way to lighten your mood guaranteed. Unless you start crying because their failures are so sad. X-Factor/ American Idol, any singing competition fail does it for me. Try it out. Yes, I know I am a horrible person. Some of them are truly delusional. Check out this one.

They’re great. A force of nature they are, and though sometimes we don’t get along you can’t choose ’em, right? Love them to death still. Good thing is… they can never be rid of me… ***witch laughs***

15. DANCING💃🏾💃🏾beyonce2Because it makes me happy and it takes away the pain. Ladies, you know. 

As a black girl with tangly, nappy hair (wait… when have I ever been anything but? I guess it is now up for debate) consuming conditioner is a must. I have 4C kinky hair and if the breeze so much as pass through it I have major problems with which to deal. So, conditioner is a must have in my house or else absolutely nothing will be done to my hair. That’s not a suitable option now, is it?

Lately, I have been wearing matte lipsticks because when I do it makes me feel as fabulous as ever. Kat Von D is my favorite brand so far, and the colors that I wear are Vampira and Damned.

I’m wearing Kat Von D-Vampira.

These are some guilty pleasures of mine- watching Home Alone is an X-Mas tradition and then The Sound of Music on New Years.


19. MOI… Cause I’m fabulous honey!!fabtiff


Granted, I am an amateur, but it is a keen interest of mine. I just need better equipment.

Thanks for bearing with me. Let me know if you have anything in common.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥