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Oh Hello Summer!

Hey You!, 

So, today marks the official start of summer, and that means quite a few things for my life. I am a summer baby (probably the best decision my mother probably made in her life) and I get to relax on my birthday. It is also fun because, during this season, absolutely anything can happen. I have quite a lot going on for me, and though my schedule is hectic, I will be posting on a somewhat regular basis. 

This what my summer looks like:

  • I’ve  got internships, got a lotta internships
    • So this year, I have four internships that take up all of my time but who am I to complain. Bless the heavenly beings and my soul. So I write for Glitter Magazine, Bronze Magazine and I also work for a Startup and a PR Firm.
  • Be happy season
    • For one, why not be happy and celebrate life despite the stifling heat I must suffer every summer. 
    • Go, Tiffany! It’s ya burf-day (well not yet but on July 14th)
      • I will be 21 years of age, a legal individual in the U.S. I have no plans right now, I never have plans for my birthday anyway. I mostly wear my birthday suit, lay in bed and do nothing every year. Kudos to me right… hmm
  • Leisure/Festival
    • I really wanted to travel this summer but so goes the life of a broke college student.  However, there are quite a few festivals happening in and around the Philadelphia area, so I shall be keeping myself occupied and make it my own little vacation. 
  • Planning for next year
    • I am planning for my final year in school. I am a busy student, so I will need to get my life together. I have a double major, a minor and a certificate on which I am working. Thankfully I have completed all the requirements for one of the majors already so, that’s one less thing about which I may worry.

I  hope you will have a better summer than I plan for myself. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
   – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales

Why Blog?

Why do I blog? As of this moment, I blog mostly for three reasons: leisure, to be social and for reflection. They, of course, have sub-categories which are listed below.

1. I could possibly meet new people and make new friends [networking, building an audience].
2. I am PR student, and I am told it is great to have an active online presence to build credibility and out my character [traits] on display.
3. People may learn something new about me and this way we can have actual conversations about shared interests as opposed to awkward silence upon meeting.
4. It may look nice on my resume, especially when applying for internships/jobs.
5. My family and friends can catch up on my life and understand what is going on in my head.
6. I share thoughts/ideas/art that would otherwise be a jumble in my head.

1. It is a way for me to pass the time/ use my time to do something worthwhile as opposed to sleeping or simply doing nothing.
2. Enhance my writing/written communication skills.
3. It makes me more creative. I consistently rack my brain on what to write about and how to make my blog more interesting.
4. I can also write when I want because I love it, not because I am assigned a certain topic to write about.
5. Practice makes perfect, it is a new and beneficial hobby that may just help in my future life.
6. It’s free, and everybody likes free. Am I right?

1. My life is being documented (now a 20-year-old college student). So, it will be interesting to look back years from now to see how I have changed/grown as an individual [personally.
2. It is a diary/journal that I choose to share with myself and others. I can reread my thoughts from previous days, months, years etc. It’s like a love letter to myself that I choose to share with others.
3. Look back at my previous life as a reminder of my thoughts, life, and experiences in my final years in college.

I am still learning as this is so new to me. I resolve to have more original content with regards to the photos and gifs that I use for my posts.

What do you think so far? How am I doing? Let me know in the comments, it’s free!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

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Places I’d Like to Visit…

Where would Tiffany like to go?! The better question is where wouldn’t Tiffany like the to go? Traveling and seeing the world is a big deal to me. I shall, I will, I must.

Traveling will give me a chance to have new experiences and explore diverse cultures. I want to stay woke. I want to know how and why people are motivated by their cultures.I also am interested in languages so I’ll learn while doing so.

I wish to backpack through Europe (cliché I know). This is by far a long shot and most likely wouldn’t last very long because sleeping outdoors is so not my idea of a fun time. I want to try out the excellent French cuisine and excite my taste buds with the best wine they offer. I want to see The Louvre, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Colosseum, and definitely the Palace of Versailles among other places. 

After I wish to explore Africa. I have been recommended Sierra Leone by a friend because she is from there, but I also want to see Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar and everywhere else I manage travel to. 

Visit extremely cold countries. Iceland, Antarctica, Russia, Finland, and Greenland are some predominantly cold countries I would visit for no more than two weeks at a time.  I sincerely do not like cold weather. And the dearly beloved Canada.

Asia and Australia are the other continents I wish to visit. I want to do cliché stuff like climbing the Great Wall, going to the more beautiful and congested Asian cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Osaka, Kyoto and also the less popular ones. India seems like a good destination too. I would then travel to the smaller islands and try some new foods and live among the people and do some touristy stuff too.

Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand more exotic countries.


Roadtrip throughout the 48 mainland States. Because what better way to learn about the place where I live than to travel if that is the only traveling I ever get to do. Hopefull not.

The Caribbean. I want to start in Miami and travel throughout the Greater Antilles and Mexico and then further down into the other Caribbean Islands. I especially want to go to Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados during Carnival/ Crop Over season.  Next summer I have high hopes of traveling around the Caribbean. I especially am looking forward to going to Cuba.

I just want to travel especially to exotic places and do exotic things and photography. Where do you want to go? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales, Travel

Top of my Bucket List…

There are a lot of adventures on which I would like to embark. There is so much for me to do, so hopefully I don’t die young #fingerscrossed. My goal is to take as much as I can get out of this life and die a happy gal. I shall be like a bird in the sky someday…free; so I need to start working on this list.


The adventure that tops my bucket list is me traveling all around the world to meet new people, see new things and eat foods I dare try not to pronounce and those that I do. I want to live new experiences and see the world, broaden my horizon and live among the citizens and not some fancy hotel. Ultimately, the goal is to be happy. I also hope to take beautiful photographs and do a travel blog.


Here is a list of other activities that I’d like to do:

Learn to swim. For the life of me, I cannot swim, and I was born and raised on an island. I also lived near a lot of rivers, and I am probably the only one in my family who knows not how to swim.

Work with non-profit organizations... in support of human rights (gender equality, LGBTQ rights, racial rights, etc.) I someday hope to work with the United Nations (UN) and the Human  Rights Council (HRC).

Learn at least 4 new languages. I am working on two (Spanish, French) at the moment so at least two to go.

Achieve my goal weight of somewhere between 120-140 lbs. I try every day to gain weight, but I shall see what the future holds.

I must go to Alaska…during the periods when it’s 24 hours of complete darkness and 24 hours of full sunlight. I just imagine how much of a beautiful of a time I will have. It must be nice to stargaze when Alaska experiences total darkness.


Photograph someone or something for an entire year. Photography is a hobby of mine and capturing certain moments to relive is always great. It’s like being stuck in time.

Play a musical instrument. I really really love the drums. A guitar or a piano would also suffice.

Learn to dance…Native Spanish dances tickle my fancy, so I am leaning towards those (flamenco, salsa, merengue). I also want to be superb at dancing to Dancehall music.


Write and publish a book of some kind. I am leaning towards romance novel because I’m a sucker for love; oddly enough I’m not touchy-feely, but it shall work out. Mix up my career choices a bit.digital-self-publishing

Live with no regrets. Know that everything happens for a reason somehow no matter how bad or inconvenient a situation may seem. Besides, life is too short to be worrying and having regrets. Do the things that I love and those things that make me happy.


I shall also try to make it my life duty to work hard and establish a scholarship or grant program in Jamaica so that the young people can afford to go to school without racking up millions of dollars in debt when trying to get a higher education. It’s hard out here I tell you.

What do you want to do? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
  – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales

What am I Afraid/Scared of?

Each person has legitimate fears of some sorts, whether it be a character, clowns, spiders or even snakes. The average person is scared of horror/scary movies. I, on the other hand, hate everything about them. Frankly, I find them rather annoying and a waste of my time. Should I ever go to the theatre to see a movie in the horror genre, I inevitably will fall asleep. Needless to say, I have no money to waste, so it’s never going to happen. The sounds are never where they are supposed to be- in my rather humble opinion. I also know that it is meant to scare/horrify me I expect it, so it is somewhat pointless (to me that is).


This is a rather weird phenomenon on my part: Watching Pretty Little Liars (PLL) scares the living daylights out of me. I will not budge from fear during a scary movie, but this high school teen drama makes me want to flip out. It is one of my favourite TV shows, but it stresses me out constantly. Like who tf is A, aka red coat, aka AD…already? Everyone at some point in that show has been suspected to be A.

Me too Hanna… me too.

***I always wanted it to be Hanna- the dumb blonde outsmarts everyone.***

Those girls truly have it to deal with. For six years I have been watching, and sometimes I don’t know what to expect, at times I do, and other times I’m like WTF? I haven’t had any nightmares…yet, and the show is a bit predictive but it is so so well written. People are rising from the dead, some wacky family relationships and situations, sharing a boyfriend, perversion. Need I say more? I mean the scenarios that the girls are in are just freaking bizarre.
Like I said WTFLuckily, not everyone’s high school experience could cause them to has PTSD. There are a lot of WTF moments in that TV show.


On a more serious note. I fear the day my mother decides it is OK for her to just walk towards that bloody light because she thinks it is her time to go. I know I sound selfish but she is my mother for crying out loud. Firstly, I am not ready to be a full-blown adult where I no longer require guidance from my mother. And, let me be honest, that’s never going to happen. I just want her to live forever, because.. well… she is just supposed to live forever, or she may die after I do or we can die together.

I don’t want to be without my mother is the point. She should be able to witness everything I do, the good, the bad, and the frigging ugly. I am so not a Mommy’s girl, which makes this even more heartbreaking. I am such a sap now so, I’m gonna go now…

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥

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Favourite Childhood Book 📖…

Hey You,

So.. I had an interesting childhood filled with great friends, cousins, games and outdoor activities, but often times I found myself needing my alone time. That was when I would read to broaden my worldview and my vocabulary, so a good book was my escape.



I can’t for the life of me remember who gave me my first copy of a Nancy Drew mystery story, but that person changed my life, for sure. As soon as I started reading it I was enthralled by how kickass a girl can be, especially in her teenage years and I fell in love. She made me want to be a detective at a point in my life. My first #womancrush (probably).  

I am actually obsessed with the Nancy Drew mystery stories collection by Carolyn Keene. As soon as I completed reading the story, I reread it. I owned about 20/56 of them; not so much now because they are back home in JA and probably cease to exist. I could breeze through those books in a jiffy. My companions disliked them because they were hardly illustrated. I, however, loved them because they allowed me to be creative with my thought and let my imagination run wild.

I hope to own the entire collection someday and then read them all in one setting. Just because. Give me one of these, and I’d be your best friend for the month.Buy me the entire collection? Oh… unconditional love for life. I shall own them all… someday. 

I don’t have a particular favorite book in the collection-  mostly because I haven’t read one in a  long while. But the stories are all excellent in their own respect. The books are all so different, yet so similar, and the stories get better as the series grew.

Probably these books made me somewhat of a skeptic because I am always thinking everything is not always what they seem. I always try to find the logic in everything but also the good in every situation. I tend to overthink almost everything- which btw is not always a bad thing. 

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales

Weird Thing I Do When Alone…

Hey!So… like many others, I do weird things when I am alone. Sometimes I feel like I am Beyoncé, Rihanna or some top model with a fabulous life. I pretty much lead a dull life so sometimes it is good to escape my reality and be someone else or do something else for a while. For a second I sounded crazy there.

So… like many others, I do weird things when I am alone. Sometimes I feel like I am Beyoncé, Rihanna or some top model with a fabulous life. I pretty much lead a dull life so sometimes it is good to escape my reality and be someone else or do something else for a while. For a second I sounded crazy there.

Anyway, I always talk about how weird I find myself, and I embrace my quirks, so I shall be sharing some stuff I do when I have way too much time on my hands.

Create and star in my own fashion show.

In this level head of mine, I often think that I am a fashionista and a trendsetter, not so much in the real world. But when I have time on my hands, I often go through my closet and put outfits together and catwalk from my room to my mother’s rather large closet mirror. I strike some poses and strut my stuff, and pretty I’m Naomi Campbell or something.

twirls cues Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love “Naomi Campbell walk…”. lights..camera..action..


Create stories in my head.

Someday, I hope to write a novel or some form of literature because I have great ideas in my head. I often jot down my ideas and start writing a story, but when I start talking to myself, I stop because then I start overthinking everything.

Pretend that I am in a music video of some sorts. 

Who wouldn’t want to be in a Beyoncé or Rihanna music video? Well… I do. So I often twirl around in the house and do my best to imitate the dance moves while lip syncing. I also like to watch dancehall video and try to figure out how the girls mimic some of the moves that they do. Granted, I often look like a gyrating stick but, a girl’s got moves. 

Also, I simply dance alone in my room because it makes me extremely happy. 


Fantasise about my superpower.

If I had a superpower, I would want it to be invisibility. That way I could eavesdrop on people (I do mind my business, but come on it’s always nice to have the inside scoop as opposed to hearing malicious gossip). I could also travel wherever I want, whenever I want because I could pass through airport security like it’s nobody’s business.  It’s like playing a one-sided game of NOW YOU SEE ME… NOW YOU DON’T.


Stage fictional arguments between a family member and a friend who have never met before.

I have some rather expressive and some would say rude family members who call it like they see it.. I like doing this because it would be fun to watch my Jamaican family curse out my American friends and the latter understand nothing being said. My family members would understand what is being said, but the Americans only get their side of the conversation or argument rather. 

Take hundreds of selfies and criticize the ugliness that is me.

Because why not? 


Stalk people online.

I think at this point in time it is a healthy part of life to be a bit of a stalker. You know that crush, that I may or may not have, or some celebrity’s Instagram or Twitter feed. As long as it’s not on some weird level *ish that is just wrong and you start to develop some unhealthy creeping tendencies. Then you just need some help.


What can I say? I am a horrible person. Too bad huh?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥