Dear Diary, Thoughts


Day 28- January 2017

This is a bit late… I have been tired and busy, but I am determined to complete the blog challenge for January that I have set for myself. Go check out the other posts.


I am genuinely happy and excited that I am blessed to be living a good and healthy life filled with fun, boredom and mild adventures and wonderful friends and family.  I am in college right now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with two concentrations. I also am doing a certificate and a minor, so no time to waste really. Sometimes I dislike school overall, but I guess we all have those days. 

I am also alive and well. Breathing, healthy, the works, you know. That is something to feel thankful for as it could be much worse. I could be dead, lost or in a ditch somewhere, so I’m good. Also, you beautiful people take the time out of your day to read my blog, so I am thankful and happy about that. My family is also doing well- in one way or another- and they are smiling so how can I complain. My friends are also still alive and kicking. Happy is what I am. I think I sound like an old person here so I’m going to go now.

All in all, I am blessed. I’m sure yo are too. You have a great and wonderful day now!

Share with me why you are blessed.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

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Songs That Make Me Emotional…

Day 30

This is a list of songs that make me feel some type of way. What way? I can’t really describe, but sometimes they get me teary eyed, especially if the video that goes along with the song is mad beautiful.

An example of this is the first song on my list “Fools Rush In” the Hailey Reinhart’s version. The video is simply beautiful. It goes with an extra commercial (like a short film), and it is the most beautiful and best commercial I have ever seen. It can make anyone believe in love. Follow this link to watch. The songs below are in no particular order.


These are not all sad, at least not to me. It all a matter of perspective, really. 
There are songs on here to satiate almost any mood. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! It’s free! Say hey!


Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Thoughts

Winning the Lottery or $1 Million…

Day 29

Winning the Lottery or One Million Dollars?

I would be one lucky gal if I ever won the lottery. I have never won anything in my life actually, and the chance of winning the lottery is 1 in 13.8 million, and considering my unluckiness, that chance is probably even lower. If that is even possible. So for me to win the lottery would be a testament. The same goes for me ever getting a million dollars to spend. But a girl can dream. 

What would I do? The better question is what would I not be able to do because I don’t have any more money to spend because it’s all used up. 

HERE’S WHAT I’D DO (of course depending on the amount):

  1. Firstly, I’d buy myself a burger, lemonade, a large fries and some pillows to really lay down and ponder upon my luck in my room. 
    • Because this is all new to me and I have to make sure it’s real and not in my head, for sure. Then I’d cry my eyes out and sleep on things… no, I’d laugh until my body is cramped and there is no sound leaving my throat.
  2. Go on a trip to ponder upon my new found wealth.
    • You know, clear my head and not let the money make me make rash and unreasonable decisions.
  3. Save money to pay off my current and future tuition.
    • Because the struggle is real out here! College is mad expensive, and when we leave, for the life of me, some of us cannot get a job- but this is a rant for another time.
  4. I would use about 10 percent to start investing in stocks.
    1. Investing I hear is always good, so I would actually take a chance and push my luck here.
  5. Buy my momma a house!
    • Like all ’em rappers wish to do!
    • And why not? She did give me life, after all, it’s the least I could do.
  6. Buy me a flat/loft too. 
    • I would be independent and do my own thing when I want to.Come and go as I please. Preferably somewhere cheap and warm, or just warm.
  7. Buy me a Jeep Wrangler
    • Dream vehicle. Takes me through all types of weather.
  8. Travel the world!
    • For a year because this is still a goal of mine! And blog too.
  9. Give 5 per cent to a charity/scholarship of my choice.
    • Most likely an education charity/scholarship fund based in Jamaica or the Caribbean- It hard enough out here!
  10. 15 percent is to be saved as part of my rainy day fund.
    • Because it cannot last forever. This my friends is a smart move.
  11. Whatever is left over goes into savings.
    • Yes, because I never know what might happen!
  12. Find a bloody job because it can’t last forever. Now, can it?
    • Besides, I don’t want to be that lazy person who had it all and then have nothing left when hard times come a knocking
    • Plus, shxt ain’t free! 

Does this make me a bit shallow? Maybe, IDK. But that is most likely what I’d do! At least that is what I have in mind right now.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Thoughts

This Year I Look Forward to…

I hope this will be a great year for me filled with happiness and beautiful things, times, and experiences.

This year I look forward to:

  • Becoming a senior– I literally have only two more semesters in college excluding this one. I want to be done and start my life with a job.
  • My 21st Birthday– I will be legal to drink, not a big deal but kinda! #Cancerbaby
  • Traveling more– which means finding a steady paying job.
  • Photography- This a hobby of mine and I hope that I get to capture beautiful thing so that I can keep them still for a while. I also want to scrapbook or have a portfolio of all my pictures.
  • Do/try cool things
    • This means leaving my comfort zone and my house to do ‘fun’ things that I wouldn’t usually do. Like exploring the city and trying different cuisines. 
  • Enhancing my style– I could actually use it. I need to add more color to my wardrobe, less black more colors that make my skin pop as oppose to easily hiding in a crowd.
  • Summer– I know this is a bit trivial but the warmth makes me feel at home plus I despise cold weather. My birthday is during this period which is even better. 
  • Working on my blog– uploading exciting and interesting content to my blog. Back to point six where I do cool things to share. 
  • Being in a right placeemotionally, financially, personally and academically. 
  • Netflix– Stranger Things season 2, Sense8 season 2, among other shows. Also, though this isn’t on Netflix, I’m looking forward to the return of Prison Break.

These are just a few things that I look forward to this year. What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, DITLO

Old Photo of Me…

This photo below is the oldest picture that I have of myself. I think I was a cute kid, don’t know what is happening to me right now. Puberty did me wrong.

In the photo, you’ll see two hideous twists above my forehead. I always hated them, but my mother would twist them whenever she would comb my hair. Thank goodness she comes nowhere near my hair nowadays!

Here, I was about two years old, and I think this was a picture that was taken for my passport. My tiny adorable smile. This has been a throwback to the days when I had nothing to worry about.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Tiffany's Tales

Why Blog?

Why do I blog? As of this moment, I blog mostly for three reasons: leisure, to be social and for reflection. They, of course, have sub-categories which are listed below.

1. I could possibly meet new people and make new friends [networking, building an audience].
2. I am PR student, and I am told it is great to have an active online presence to build credibility and out my character [traits] on display.
3. People may learn something new about me and this way we can have actual conversations about shared interests as opposed to awkward silence upon meeting.
4. It may look nice on my resume, especially when applying for internships/jobs.
5. My family and friends can catch up on my life and understand what is going on in my head.
6. I share thoughts/ideas/art that would otherwise be a jumble in my head.

1. It is a way for me to pass the time/ use my time to do something worthwhile as opposed to sleeping or simply doing nothing.
2. Enhance my writing/written communication skills.
3. It makes me more creative. I consistently rack my brain on what to write about and how to make my blog more interesting.
4. I can also write when I want because I love it, not because I am assigned a certain topic to write about.
5. Practice makes perfect, it is a new and beneficial hobby that may just help in my future life.
6. It’s free, and everybody likes free. Am I right?

1. My life is being documented (now a 20-year-old college student). So, it will be interesting to look back years from now to see how I have changed/grown as an individual [personally.
2. It is a diary/journal that I choose to share with myself and others. I can reread my thoughts from previous days, months, years etc. It’s like a love letter to myself that I choose to share with others.
3. Look back at my previous life as a reminder of my thoughts, life, and experiences in my final years in college.

I am still learning as this is so new to me. I resolve to have more original content with regards to the photos and gifs that I use for my posts.

What do you think so far? How am I doing? Let me know in the comments, it’s free!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, Thoughts, Tiffany's Tales

Why Am I The Way That I Am?…

It is said that our environment, experiences, choices and family (genetics) influence our behaviors, opinions, and attitudes and who we are as a person. I must agree with that because I make my choices as to how I behave and some of my personality traits, my experiences also affect my behaviors and my family, most definitely.

Being Jamaican gives me a whole different schema than most Americans and people from other nationalities. Where I come from people are comfortable in their skin, say exactly what is on their minds, and if they dislike someone, the other person will know. I think this is why I am so blunt and I never beat around the bush with my opinions (I only share them when asked). 

I am comfortable in my skin, whereas I meet other people who want to distort their bodies to be what is ‘accepted’ during this time- whether it be by having surgeries, too much exercise, wearing uncomfortable clothes to fit in and doing unpleasant things, etc. I am not one to judge, but society does not dictate how I should behave or look just for its benefit. I do not let people dictate how I should feel.

I am from a go with the flow culture; we deal with things as they happen. Therefore, I am more relaxed and easy-going in my daily life. However, whereas most Jamaicans tend to want to be in the hype, I am a bit different in that aspect, among many others of course. I am also more accepting on a broader spectrum than most of my fellow Jamaicans.

To me, our experiences are one of the many essential functions in life. Scenarios that I have been a part of and have seen happen are what help to shape me into a more vigilant, calm and collected individual who likes to listen, know more, and talk less. What I think is that through my experiences that I have become less judgmental, more reserved and more appreciative of the little things in life. I learn more every day, and I hope to change for the better.

I  have some traits from my family. Most my character traits I get from my father. He is serious, takes shit from no one, and he is a no nonsense person. He will take and listen to people’s crap for but so long. He’s quite something really. In contrast, my mother is friendly, polite and beautiful until you insult someone she loves especially her children- bad idea. 

Overall, I would say I am an OK person. An average human who believes that people must gain my respect, I am neither too good nor too bad. What can I say? I am my daddy’s child, though I do laugh and giggle a lot once you get to know me.

I could lie and say I am good and everything about me is all peaches and rainbow, but I ceased telling lies in 2012. It no good for me or the people around me, so what’s the point, right? I am still fabulous, don’t get me wrong but I am a fabulously OK person (sounds like I’m stroking my ego here, but I’m not, just being honest). I can also be a drama queen!

What do you think?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥