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Summer ’17 Playlist

Hey You,

We all need a good playlist to get through the summer, and I am here to help you with some suggestions from my playlist. I am a Caribbean girl, so all of my songs are quite upbeat and will make you want to dance like it’s nobody’s business. It’s just in time for you to enjoy Independence Day on this the 4th day of July (my fellow Americans).

Check out my playlist below and let me know what you think.

It’ll get you ready for a road trip or whatever you decide to do on your lazy days.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for my playlist. Enjoy these tunes and this beautiful day!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
    – Tiffany♥

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Songs That Make Me Emotional…

Day 30

This is a list of songs that make me feel some type of way. What way? I can’t really describe, but sometimes they get me teary eyed, especially if the video that goes along with the song is mad beautiful.

An example of this is the first song on my list “Fools Rush In” the Hailey Reinhart’s version. The video is simply beautiful. It goes with an extra commercial (like a short film), and it is the most beautiful and best commercial I have ever seen. It can make anyone believe in love. Follow this link to watch. The songs below are in no particular order.


These are not all sad, at least not to me. It all a matter of perspective, really. 
There are songs on here to satiate almost any mood. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! It’s free! Say hey!


Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

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🎶10 Favourite Songs…🎶

 Hey! 👋🏾👋🏾

Welcome to the 4th day of my 31-day challenge. This is a list of 10 songs that I really like at the moment. I listen to them almost every day. Some of the video (and links to them) are attached to my commentary below. Check out my playlist and let me know what you think.

This list is not my all time favorite, just current favorites. The song title, artiste(s) and album titles are listed. Favorite lyrics may be included. 

1. Love on the Brain– Rihanna/ANTI❤


Man!! I just love this song. I must say this is on the list of my all-time favorite songs. It has an old-timey feel to it as if it is something that Etta James would sing it. It has so much soul and emotion, and it’s sexy too… woo He’s not about to play you like a violin! When I sing to this song or better yet lip sync to… The faces I make ’cause I feel every word in that song. Bonus to this song is that my mother actually likes this pop song and we sing together. It’s our thing. 

There is no official video for this song, but I sincerely hope that she releases one.

2. Scars to Your Beautiful– Alessia Cara/ KNOW-IT-ALL


This song means so much to me because we live in a society where people (especially females) are expected to look and dress a certain way. This song reminds us that we are beautiful on the inside and out despite what people say or expect. You shouldn’t have to cake your face with makeup to feel beautiful. Cheerios to the girl who likes to wear makeup, I am not taking that away from you. More power to you, but it is also ok to go out in the world with a fresh face and be proud you woke up like that.

This is an empowering song that encourages beauty in all forms. Everyone is different. Do not conform to societal standards of beauty. Define your own beauty and be as you are. Embrace your scars and your beautiful. Embrace others too. 🙌🏽

3. Love Me Now-John Legend/ Darkness and Light💜

This is such a beautiful song with a purpose, and it has a meaning to it that may be interpreted in various ways. Friendships, familial, filial love or romantic relationships, it somehow works for any one of those. It’s a reassurance to someone you love that you are taking all the pleasure of the present because things can always change. Bonus points to John Legend for including his beautiful family in the video. 

4. Don’t Hurt Yourself– Beyonce/ LEMONADE


Don’t Hurt Yourself! Try Not To Hurt Yourself!👑 I wrote about this song in a previous post. This is probably my favorite song on the LEMONADE album. This is the song you sing when you want to keep your partner or someone in check because he/she thought your life is a game. You’ll be like ‘Careful rude boy… tread lightly’.

It is also a badass song all round (sound, beat, rhythm, vocal and the video). The visuals on her Formation World Tour was even better. Whenever I hear it, it makes me feel like I’m ready for anything and anyone; it’s like ‘mi run tings, tings nuh run me.’ 

What he take me for?! 🤔

5. What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes/ Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

This is an oldie but goodie. This song is actually four years older than I am. I discovered it when I was watching ‘Sense8′  a Netflix series, and I absolutely love it. It has so much, and it is fun to sing to. 

6. One Dance– Drake ft. Kyla Reid and Wizkid/ Views


Baby! I like your style! Grips on your waist, front way, back way, you know that I don’t play.’ This is a dancehall inspired song with a mixture of pop and afro-beat. I mean what could be better?  This a feel good song that makes me rock my body, and if I am to burst out in tune, this is most likely the song that I will be singing.

***It would also be great if he made a video for this song with some Caribbean girl dancers. 

7. Adorn– Miguel/ Kaleidoscope

Oh man!!! This song! ***sighs***. Let me tell you. I often discover the best songs when everyone else gets tired of them or when they are timeworn. The latter is the case in this situation. This song, too, has an old-timey Al Green ‘Let’s Stay Together’ vibe to it. This is my shower song, and I sing it so much I probably annoy my mother doing so. 

It is also a very sexy song. Lyrics like ‘these lips can’t wait to taste your skin… and these eyes, yeah, can’t wait to see your grin’. Ohhh.. I’m just going to move on… 

8. Work– Rihanna ft. Drake/ ANTI

This is my jam!!! Let me tell you. I love the Caribbean vibe that it has to it. A little bit of Dancehall that has me moving my tiny hips and my body and it always changes my mood. Rihanna did not forget her roots, and this makes me love the song even more. Drake thinks he’s from the Caribbean too, but I’ll let him have. #Aubrih. This when I start gyrating because me need fi work! Work! Work! Work! Work! Work! Pullllll uppppp!!!!!

9. Bruk Off Yuh Back– Konshens/ Single🇯🇲

This yet another dancehall song that I absolutely love. I’m Jamaican, what did you expect? This song is for when you want to do some down, and dirty dancing or it can be used as a motivation in the gym to complete that tedious workout. The video is great (maybe a bit raucous for some) and the Jamaican girls show off all that talent that they have to offer the world. Body hotter than a sun tan, make him stand up at attention! Yesss! 

Again more gyration of body parts and a feel good song!

10. Shoutout to My Ex– Little Mix/ Glory Days

I like this song because why not. Give your ex a shout out and let him/her know you’re doing well thanks to him/her. You also get to rub in their face the facts that you have moved on, and you are happy being petty about it :). You look great, feel even better with the new you, and you feel straight savage. Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?


Some honorable mentions are:

  1. When We Were Young/ Hello/ Water Under The Bridge- Adele
  2. Bad Things-Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camilla Cabello
  3. Sorry/Hold Up- Beyoncé

So these are some of my current favorites. Let me know what you think, and should you have any suggestions let me know your recommendations. 

Let me know what you like…
Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
   – Tiffany ♥

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Yes! Tiffany Got In Formation …

Lincoln Financial Field. Philadelphia. Thursday. 29 September. Year of our lord? 2016. 9:00 p.m. Raining. Cold. Excitement. Lizabeth. Liz’s Friends. Formation World Tour. Beyoncé. Brilliant.

Traffic was a bitch getting to the venue. And, it was cold and wet. But Beyoncé came to slay, and that she did, and I wasn’t going to miss it. I feared we were late so I was a bit panicky because I wanted to miss not a single second of her performance.


Then we got to the gate. I heard a sudden sound and screams from the crowd. That meant it’s about to go down. I put my feet in my hands and I ran to the second level of that stadium so fast, my fellow countryman ,Usain Bolt, had nothing on me in that moment.

photo via

She came out in her outfit, her hat, her dancers and her band. Everything and everyone was in formation.  I am a loyal Jamaican, but in that moment, I was a true Texasbaman. People were going off and hard (pun intended) from left to right. The Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia,29 September 2016 was the place to be. Look, when I say I was in formation, let me tell you… I was in formation. 


She came with fire, fireworks, dance moves, vocals. I mean. what more could a girl ask for? As previously stated, it was wet and cold. I have to give it to her because the dedication and commitment that she and her team showed was sublime.

Beyonce doing the Partition routine from her video.

She then went on to do the Partition routine from her video.  All I could think about was her not falling because the stool was wet. She got the crowd pumping with ‘Girls’ then ran the world and she kept it sexy and fun and told us to ‘Hold Up.’


The intermissions were entertaining and she wasn’t even on stage. She paid tribute to the late Prince with a purple screen and his song ‘Purple Rain’ was playing. The crowds sang along. But then she finally came back and graced us all with her beauty.

‘Purple Rain’ intermission.


Who the f**k do you think she is? Beyoncé. Bad Bitch. Bad Bitch B! This is my absolute favourite song on the LEMONADE album. I was too excited, and I sang my heart out when she was singing ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself.’  That was immediately followed by her reggae and dancehall segment.  My heart rate was spiking at this moment. Everyone was jamming and having a good time, and I was above the moon.

Outfit change for ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself.’

She came out with all her bo$$ne$$, did it like a ‘Diva’ and kept it ‘Flawless.’ The crowd was going mad. One man in front me had his hand up all night as if he was saying “All Hail Queen Bee.” Her makeup sat on her face even in the pouring rain. She really is flawless people.


Sidebar. I looked like crap that day. 2:45 pm was when my friend Lizabeth texted me. I was eating a Double Whopper. She was like “I have Beyoncé tickets and you’re coming with me.” I was flipping out because I had an exam and the weather was depressing and I could feel the tears burning my eyes because if the exam was long, I could not make it. Luckily, the exam lasted only an hour and thank God for Liz. Get you a Liz.


Overall, it was a fabulous experience right up my alley. The visuals were beautiful. She was and still is beautiful, and I am happy. The night ended with her singing ‘Halo,’ and more fireworks. And last but not least, me with a cold and wheezing. But a good time was had by all. If I failed that exam, I still had a wonderful night to make up for it.

Her vocals are out of this world. Thx Lizabeth! She came to slay, and she did THAT! She gave me life. You best to believe it. 

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,