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Oh Hello Summer!

Hey You!, 

So, today marks the official start of summer, and that means quite a few things for my life. I am a summer baby (probably the best decision my mother probably made in her life) and I get to relax on my birthday. It is also fun because, during this season, absolutely anything can happen. I have quite a lot going on for me, and though my schedule is hectic, I will be posting on a somewhat regular basis. 

This what my summer looks like:

  • I’ve  got internships, got a lotta internships
    • So this year, I have four internships that take up all of my time but who am I to complain. Bless the heavenly beings and my soul. So I write for Glitter Magazine, Bronze Magazine and I also work for a Startup and a PR Firm.
  • Be happy season
    • For one, why not be happy and celebrate life despite the stifling heat I must suffer every summer. 
    • Go, Tiffany! It’s ya burf-day (well not yet but on July 14th)
      • I will be 21 years of age, a legal individual in the U.S. I have no plans right now, I never have plans for my birthday anyway. I mostly wear my birthday suit, lay in bed and do nothing every year. Kudos to me right… hmm
  • Leisure/Festival
    • I really wanted to travel this summer but so goes the life of a broke college student.  However, there are quite a few festivals happening in and around the Philadelphia area, so I shall be keeping myself occupied and make it my own little vacation. 
  • Planning for next year
    • I am planning for my final year in school. I am a busy student, so I will need to get my life together. I have a double major, a minor and a certificate on which I am working. Thankfully I have completed all the requirements for one of the majors already so, that’s one less thing about which I may worry.

I  hope you will have a better summer than I plan for myself. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
   – Tiffany♥

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#Beautiful… The few days I felt like this. 

Hey, You!

Day 26| 31 Days of January Blog Challenge

Welcome back (if you care of course, and if you are new welcome!). It has been a while, and I have been busy with school so I have not been posting as religiously as I’d like. However, school is out, and I gave myself a one week break which I deserved, but that is now over.

I did not complete the January blog challenge, but here I am with an update to do just that. This will be a series of pictures of my beautiful moments so far this year! BTW, the above pic was taken at a school event, and I made that flower crown of which I am so proud.

I look like a blackberry in these photos, but it was a beautiful day. I was at an induction ceremony. #melaninbaby

I took this picture in Subway. No filter, pure sunlight, and my melanin is popping! Peep my glow though. #YassTiffany #FabulousTiffany #whenthesunlighthityouright

I had nothing to do during my little break, so naturally, I bleached my hair, as I always do! This was me attending a retirement party. #FabulousAF

IMG_2849In this photo, I was over the moon because I returned home from school after a particularly droopy day at school and my niece simply looked and me and said “Aunty Tiffany, yuh know seh yuh pretty? [did you know you are pretty?], and my spirit rose to the heavens. She then proceeded to give me a mini photo shoot and the photos were great. I slept on a cloud that night too.

P.S. She is five years old so as you can see, she has great eyes and even more talent. #FabulousTiffany #HappyAunt

I worked at a school event and one of my fellow planners took this photo for me!

Went to a beautiful formal event and this picture makes me look like I have a butt.

I just want to shed some light on my growing afro! ‘Brows are on fleek too!

So, that’s about it. Not bad at all!

Check me out:

Instagram: @waywardtiff
Twitter: @waywardtiff

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥


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Old Photo of Me…

This photo below is the oldest picture that I have of myself. I think I was a cute kid, don’t know what is happening to me right now. Puberty did me wrong.

In the photo, you’ll see two hideous twists above my forehead. I always hated them, but my mother would twist them whenever she would comb my hair. Thank goodness she comes nowhere near my hair nowadays!

Here, I was about two years old, and I think this was a picture that was taken for my passport. My tiny adorable smile. This has been a throwback to the days when I had nothing to worry about.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

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My Happy Place…

Hey there! You lovely people.

Day 19 of 31 huh. I am still pushing through. I think for once I might actually accomplish a New Year’s Resolution (yay me!), but let me not jinx it. My happy place is wherever I get to be myself (not that I am not always myself) and be as happy and chirpy and free as a bird. These photographs are representations of some of my happy places.

PhiladelphiaThe City of Brotherly Love which has been my home for almost five years.


Fairmount Park

FullSizeRender 9.jpg


Ben Franklin Parkway/ Philadelphia Museum of Art

fullsizerender-6FullSizeRender 10.jpg

The Sun… my best friend because I am a child produced in the Caribbean.

Mis amigos 😉 

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

Not pictured:

  1. Applebees/Five Guys (because they provide good junk food for my tiny frame).
  2. My family (because I have no group picture of them, but they know I love them).
  3. Home/ My room- because I have no pictures and I am not home when this is written, and this post is a bit late. I love it because it is my own personal space and I get to control what happens here. I shall do a future blog post on this.

Let me know what your happy place looks like.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥

Dear Diary, DITLO

An Average Day In My Life…


An average day in my life is pretty boring. I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be. I am meanest when I am woken up early in the morning especially for no apparent reason (my mother does this). I hate being spoken to in my sleep because my response is pure gibberish, and crap but Mother insists on talking to me while I sleep.

This is what most of my days look like:

I wake up in the afternoon, eat, surf the internet and shower to prepare for the day. I then leave for school and it takes me about an hour to get there from my house, so I do need ample time for traveling. 

*** This is if I have no classes before 11 AM. I can take no class earlier than 11 AM, it would be the death of me. 11 AM is even too soon for me to function, and I am not a coffee drinker, so I am walking putty at this time.

I then leave for school and meet up with my friends to hang out for a bit before I go to class. If I have a club or organization meeting to attend, I do that during this time period. I also eat lunch during that time and most time I go to Applebees find somewhere that serves delicious burger, fries, and lemonade and fill my tummy before class. After making my tummy happy, I then look over my work and head off to class. 

I prefer to take late classes or night classes because that is the time when my brain is wide awake and is receptive to learning and listening to people. So after my classes, I usually head straight home because it’s late. When I get home

When I get home, I eat dinner, study and complete all my assignments and write my notes for class. I work till about 3-4:30 AM in the morning then I go to sleep and repeat the process. My days are really the same as anyone, just a bit later on in the day.

***Don’t misunderstand me, if I must wake up I will (like when I am traveling and have early flights. 

On the weekends, depending on the weather, I may go out to each and watch a movie, or I may stay home and enjoy the comfort my bed provides me. I hate cold weather, so I’m pretty much a hermit during the winter. When it’s also unbearably hot, I stay inside under the air conditioner, ’cause why not?

***Me when my friends want me to go out in the cold. nicki-minaj-hell-to-the-no

What does your day look like? Are you a morning person? Or are you and an evening person like me? My mother is such a morning person, everyone in my family is a morning person except me, and they wake up, and they flitter around like a pack of wolves disturbing my precious sleep. It is hard work living with a morning person I tell you. #thestruggleisreal

Until next time….

Stay Fabulous
      -Tiffany ♥

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Tiffany’s Life Hacks…

Everyone’s primary goal in life is to be wholly happy. Whether it be in their personal or working lives, individuals seek comfort in knowing that they will be happy in whatever they partake. At my tender age of 20, I don’t know much, but my life is somewhat fantastic so far.

These are my guidelines for staying happy:


wake up happy.gif

A happy and healthy start to the new day is best. If you wake up and decide to have a good day, thou shalt have a good day. Chastise any trifling, scheming iniquity that comes your way. I am also not opposed to throwing some serious shade when being tried; the trick is to move on immediately, so it has no effect on your life.


Expect the unexpected.gif
My mantra is “Expect the unexpected, and you will never be disappointed.”

Your mantra will get you through the day. You will be fierce and ready for any obstacle. No awkward Taylor Swift/Kanye moments for you. Or if you are the Kanye in the situation, speak your truth.


Life Goals

What are your goals? Are you happy? What would you change? What can you change? These are some questions to ask yourself to get to the bottom of what it is you wish to accomplish.


Something you enjoy doing.gif
I got a pocket, got a pocket full o’ sunshine… ooh ooh ooh… Take me aw-aaa-yy!!!

Steal some time away from your busy schedule for yourself daily. Do what you want- sleep, dance, sing, watch tv, write, anything that you enjoy doing.  I have karaoke and dancing sessions. I sing into the broom. Then watch YouTube videos and eat. 


Be like Drake and bust out some never seen before dance moves.

Embrace what makes you happy. Hang out with friends, dance, sing or talk to someone special.


Try new.gif

Do something unexpected.  One day from every week/month let yourself go. Dress differently, try new foods or explore another culture. Have no regrets! (Avoid illegal activities.)



Every day, I try to smile at the little things. I have a good tummy laugh at least once per day, and I complain less. Don’t stay in your funk. Besides, laughter is the best medicine, and it relieves stress.



 I use a planner and make to-do lists to get me through the day. I use two different marker colors to track my daily success ( green for completed and yellow for getting there). The more green marks I see, the more fulfilling my day was. Organizing is particularly perfect for people who are procrastinators.



Get rid of ANYTHING that is unnecessary or unwanted in your life: toxic relationships and people, materialistic things, etc. Make more space in your life for new experiences. Surround yourself with individuals who respect you, want the best for you and people who will make a positive contribution to your life.



My exercise is mostly walking and dancing, but my friends tell me exercising is refreshing. They say they feel more active and rejuvenated. Usually, I sit, eat and watch while they exercise.


Kicking Ass.gif

In colloquial terms- Slay bitch, slay! Whatever you do, and wherever you go,  start with a positive attitude. Determine you will get the results you want and don’t look back.

———————– *************———————–

But what do I know? I’m only 20 right! But you and I know that it is never too late to make improvements to your life. Try something new every day. Be happy. We are young and free, and we learn about ourselves daily.


Again, be happy and stay slaying. Until next time…

Stay Fabulous!