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Hey You,

Today, I am so grateful for everything and everyone in my life. The good, the bad, the ugly, just everything. Today, I have completed 21 laps around the sun, and I couldn’t be happier with my progress in life. I am still living and learning.

I want to take the time to thank my beautiful mother who for some reason gave life to me and who have supported me throughout all my life and endeavors. People usually make their birthdays about themselves, and they have all rights to do just that as it is, in fact, their special day. This year I just want to shed some light and recognition her way because she more than deserves it.  

I would upload a photo of her, but she prefers not to be on my blog. Haha! But Happy Mother’s Day mother and I hope you enjoy it!

I will now stop with the sentiments, but I am sending a serious shout out to my mother and father. May the heavenly beings forever bless them.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,

p.s. Sidenote y’all, Beyoncé released the photo of her twins earlier this morning, on my birthday! I’m shook… 

Dear Diary, Lifestyle

Why DJ Khaled Is My Inspiration

Hey You,

As this beautiful month of July is my birth month, I want it to be all about positivity. I want it to be filled with positive energy and good vibes, so what better time to talk about someone who inspires me. As you can see above, yes, DJ Khaled is currently my inspiration. He is a happy person, and I endeavor to always be filled with happiness and have the grandeur to embrace and share my joy.

Here are a few reasons why DJ Khaled inspires me:

  • He is positivity

This man is always filled with energy and enthusiasm and just pure positive energy. I have never heard this man complain about anything at all. While I do understand that he is indeed human and has bad days, he has never put that out in public and, I respect him so much for his discipline. It is no wonder great things are happening for him, and the thought alone gets me excited. 

  • He is happy

I think that he never has a fully dull day because he surrounds himself with things and people who make him happy. He talks about everything he loves and admires, and he speaks of people in such a respectful manner one could never truly dislike him. 

  • He knows what he’s about/ Man is focused

This man is about his family. His son and his fiancée. He talks about them every day, as a matter of fact, every chance that he gets. He is also about his music which is his passion. I can only hope that I will find a few things that I am so passionate about to make it my livelihood, inspiration and daily joy. 

The man is blessed and not only regarding wealth, he appreciates everything in his life (his family, his connections) and his career.

I know some people might say, what is see is not necessarily what you get or not all that glitters is gold. But allow me to see gold even if it is just for a moment. Enjoy your day now and fill it with positivity. Have a wonderful July, you deserve it. Also, buy his album GRATEFUL. It is excellent!  #WildThoughts.

Side note: He is also always #GRATEFUL and his Snapchat stories are entertaining. Adding some light to my days.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
  –  Tiffany♥

*Photo courtesy of DJ Khaled’s Instagram account.

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Oh Hello Summer!

Hey You!, 

So, today marks the official start of summer, and that means quite a few things for my life. I am a summer baby (probably the best decision my mother probably made in her life) and I get to relax on my birthday. It is also fun because, during this season, absolutely anything can happen. I have quite a lot going on for me, and though my schedule is hectic, I will be posting on a somewhat regular basis. 

This what my summer looks like:

  • I’ve  got internships, got a lotta internships
    • So this year, I have four internships that take up all of my time but who am I to complain. Bless the heavenly beings and my soul. So I write for Glitter Magazine, Bronze Magazine and I also work for a Startup and a PR Firm.
  • Be happy season
    • For one, why not be happy and celebrate life despite the stifling heat I must suffer every summer. 
    • Go, Tiffany! It’s ya burf-day (well not yet but on July 14th)
      • I will be 21 years of age, a legal individual in the U.S. I have no plans right now, I never have plans for my birthday anyway. I mostly wear my birthday suit, lay in bed and do nothing every year. Kudos to me right… hmm
  • Leisure/Festival
    • I really wanted to travel this summer but so goes the life of a broke college student.  However, there are quite a few festivals happening in and around the Philadelphia area, so I shall be keeping myself occupied and make it my own little vacation. 
  • Planning for next year
    • I am planning for my final year in school. I am a busy student, so I will need to get my life together. I have a double major, a minor and a certificate on which I am working. Thankfully I have completed all the requirements for one of the majors already so, that’s one less thing about which I may worry.

I  hope you will have a better summer than I plan for myself. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
   – Tiffany♥

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My Weird Quirks

Day 27

Hey You,

I have weird habits/quirks that I wanted to share so I don’t feel so alone in my weird little world of… well… Tiffany. I cannot be the only person with these quirks, so I just want to make sure!

Here goes nothing!

  • I only write with black ink pens.
  • My surroundings are always clean (wherever I eat, study or work), except my bedroom.
    • This is because it is my sanctuary and it is the only place I get to be a slob and let loose so I enjoy it always. My room is always clean, don’t get me wrong but my bed always have books or clothes on it. This annoys my mother! 🙂
  • I have when my foods touch (except burgers).
    • I think I would annoy my company if I eat my burger layer by layers so I don’t.
    • I love Chipotle but this is one of the reasons why I also don’t like Chipotle. Everything. Touches.
    • I will take the time to pick apart my food and then eat everything separately.
  • My bedroom door must always be closed (day, night, cold, hot, I really don’t care, close my door when you leave my room).
  • My mouth and feet must always be in motion.
    • I always have gum or something to eat and I bounce my feet, which I find quite annoying when others do it. How hypocritical of me!
  • Whenever I give advice I always end by saying “but what do I know.” This way you take my advice at your own risk.
  • I like when everything is even except seven which is my lucky number.
  • Before I leave my house, I must always test the weather for the days. I do this by poking my naked right leg outside and it helps me when deciding how to dress.

Yes, I am a weird child. Believe me, I know. What are some of your weird habits?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
   – Tiffany♥


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#Beautiful… The few days I felt like this. 

Hey, You!

Day 26| 31 Days of January Blog Challenge

Welcome back (if you care of course, and if you are new welcome!). It has been a while, and I have been busy with school so I have not been posting as religiously as I’d like. However, school is out, and I gave myself a one week break which I deserved, but that is now over.

I did not complete the January blog challenge, but here I am with an update to do just that. This will be a series of pictures of my beautiful moments so far this year! BTW, the above pic was taken at a school event, and I made that flower crown of which I am so proud.

I look like a blackberry in these photos, but it was a beautiful day. I was at an induction ceremony. #melaninbaby

I took this picture in Subway. No filter, pure sunlight, and my melanin is popping! Peep my glow though. #YassTiffany #FabulousTiffany #whenthesunlighthityouright

I had nothing to do during my little break, so naturally, I bleached my hair, as I always do! This was me attending a retirement party. #FabulousAF

IMG_2849In this photo, I was over the moon because I returned home from school after a particularly droopy day at school and my niece simply looked and me and said “Aunty Tiffany, yuh know seh yuh pretty? [did you know you are pretty?], and my spirit rose to the heavens. She then proceeded to give me a mini photo shoot and the photos were great. I slept on a cloud that night too.

P.S. She is five years old so as you can see, she has great eyes and even more talent. #FabulousTiffany #HappyAunt

I worked at a school event and one of my fellow planners took this photo for me!

Went to a beautiful formal event and this picture makes me look like I have a butt.

I just want to shed some light on my growing afro! ‘Brows are on fleek too!

So, that’s about it. Not bad at all!

Check me out:

Instagram: @waywardtiff
Twitter: @waywardtiff

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥


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5 Year Anniversary

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

So I’ve been living in the US for five years now!

Hey You,

So… NBD, but this month makes it five (5) years since I have been living in the United States. It has been a somewhat fun and exciting experience life and learning about a new place. Jamaica is so different from the U.S., the people, the places and overall environment.

I missed my friends dearly, and I couldn’t talk to them because they were all in a boarding school where no technology devices are allowed. When I got here, I was also out of school for about two weeks, so it sucked a bit. But life has been good so far, so no complaints on my part.

Here’s to five more years! Cheers!

*** I would have cheered with a drink but my 21st birthday is yet to come!

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
    – Tiffany♥

Instagram: @waywardtiff
Twitter: @waywardtiff

Dear Diary, School/Career

Career Tips from Roger Dow…

Tuesday (Feb.7.17), I went to an Event seminar at Temple University. It was a seminar with Mr. Roger Dow- President, and CEO of U.S. Travel Association (USTA)- as the speaker at the event. At first, I dreaded attending the event because I forgot it was required for my class, and I feared it would be long and tedious.

Roger Dow- President and CEO of USTA (via

At first, I was uncomfortable at the start of the event because I stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone in the crowd was all dressed in business attire and there I was in my ripped cap, rain boots, a pair of distressed jeans and a coat as big as Alaska. I am a communications student, so I have a more relaxed and casual dress code. Also, it was freezing and wet. Eventually, I acknowledged that I was already there- nowhere near home- and moved on because I could change nothing at that point.

Anyway, Dow gave an excellent speech and even better advice for working in the event industry. It may also be applied to life. So, here goes some of his tips that I have picked up along the way.

1. Take risks! Stretch yourself.
He spoke about being on the diving board, and you are halfway down, and the only option is to enter the water or… well, enter the water. Make choices to disrupt the normalcy and expand your creativity.
***p.s Avoid belly-flopping. You might as well dive head in and avoid injuries.

2. Work on relationships!
Network, network, network everywhere you go. You may never know beside whom you are sitting. Everyone you meet can make even the slightest of difference in your life. Also, familial relationships, friendships, and other relationships are also important. You must not lose sight of what is important to you.

3. Depth- Know a little bit about a lot of things.
It never hurts to expand your knowledge base and be more intelligent than you currently are.

4. Learn to write!
He said this is one of the first impressions you get to make on people. If you have typos and grammatical errors on resumés, cover letters or documents it is never a good look.

5. Learn to speak!
Speak properly and with confidence. Your words are your tools, and it also makes an impression upon making contact with others.

6. Focus on what is weird!
Make observations and write down all that seems strange or out of place. You get six months to fix it, and after six months it all fits into the decor of whatever room/design you observe. After six months it all becomes routine.

7. Tell people your dreams.
You never know who can make them come true! People can hear of opportunities and think of you in an instant because with them you shared your goals and dreams.

8. Evaluate your career choice.
If you are no better than you were a year ago at your job, if you have learned nothing new and your pay sucks, it is time to move on and challenge yourself to do better things.

9. Be curious!
Ask questions like an annoying six-year-old child. I know they can give you a massive headache, but ask why until you are happy with the answer you get. They say curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brought it back, so ask away until your curiosity is satiated.

1o. Do your research.
Know what you talk about so you don’t look a fool. Read and know what is out there. When you stop reading you stop learning.

11. Have a business mentality!
Think outside the box and see the world as your garden to plant and reap fruits of your labor.

12. Know how to sell yourself!
What is unique about you? Find out what makes you stand out from others and use it to your advantage.

All in all, the event was great, and Mr. Dow was hilarious- made some funny comments here and there- which made the seminar much easier and fun to get through.I shall be using some if not all of these along with my way, especially since I will enter the workforce in the next year or so.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
       – Tiffany♥

***Credits to Mr.Dow.