Get to know me a little more!

My name is Tiffany. I was born and raised on the beautiful tropical isle of Jamaica. I moved to the USA in 2012, and I now live in Philadelphia with my family. I am currently a college student pursuing a B.A. in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I hope to work in the business, communication and hospitality industries.

Someday, I aspire to travel the world and become a travel blogger until my heart is content. I have great interests in Photography, the Arts- especially dancing, and writing. I am 20 (as of 2016), and I am just living life as a broke college student (#thestruggleisreal) until I can do better for myself. I also love to eat. I wish to try new cuisine but I often never do because of me only eating Chicken and Bacon and no other form of meat (sad huh?!).

I have a lot of passion, but I get the feeling you would be bored, and no one wants to read an unnecessary epistle. I will try my best to share my life and adventures with you through photos and as few words necessary.

I aspire to do great things with my life. That is all for now. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Stay Fabulous,
           – Tiffany♥