Keep Up With Tiffany In Barcelona!

Klein Global Opportunities

¡Hola a todos!

I am Tiffany Chisholm, a graduating senior studying Public Relations and International Communication. This summer, I am headed to Barcelona, Spain to live and intern for two months. While there, I will be working with Barcelona Wedding here I will run the company’s blog, manage the social media platforms, and assist with other wedding planning details. By the end of the summer, I hope to have developed my knowledge in the events industry, customer-client relations, and social media management.  I also wish to develop my intercultural communication skills, especially because I someday will become a member of the global workforce.

img_0896-2.jpg Putting a face to a name! I am indeed Tiffany Chisholm.

On June 2nd, I will take my first journey across the pond. My bags have been packed for 10 days now, just to show you how excited I am about this trip! I am very excited to…

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