Let Your Nails Do the Talking with DERMELECT ‘ME’ Nail Lacquers

DERMELECT ‘ME’ will give your nails gloss and style while saving them one day at a time

The ‘ME’ Peptide-Infused Nail Lacquers are everything that you need for your nails. The line comes in various colors for every personality style whether you like nail polish with or without sheen. The polishes are toluene free, which means that there are no harsh smells associated with the product that could usually cause you to feel light-headed or nauseous. It is also camphor free, and, the peptide in the product helps to replenish brittle nails while also strengthening weak nails.

I had the opportunity to review six of the ‘ME’ Nail Lacquers, which all had fun names. Check them out below:

“To The Core:” This is an orange-colored nail polish that has some sheen to it, which makes the nails look shiny and glossy upon application. Like its name, this color brings a certain level of charm and sophistication to one’s hand.

“Phenom:” This a dark blue polish goes on the nail beautifully. It is a color that immediately draws attention to one’s nails, especially because it is dark, yet bold.

“Debonnaire:” This color is similar to a nude polish and gives off an almost peachy look when it hits the sunlight. This is great for a subtle and nearly natural nail look.

Image result for all the envy dermelect

‘All The Envy’ This color is similar to an olive-green when the suggested two coats of polished are applied to the nail.

“Kiss ‘Me’:” This is a deep burgundy almost maroon-looking color, which also has a lot of sheen upon application. This is another bold color that can even draw attention to the fingers and will definitely get a conversation started.

“She-She:” This is a bluish-greenish color. This color is almost like a mystery. It looks blue but also green at the same time and is perfect if you want both colors, but you just cannot decide which to choose.

Recommendations on packaging suggest that two coats of the nail polish be applied for better results along with a top coat. It also says that the nail polish is water and detergent resistant, high gloss, and is suitable for “superior extended wear.” I tested this notion and the verdict…it is true.

All of the nail polishes were tested and worn between periods lasting two weeks to a month. The colors were bold, bright and pigmented and it remained the same throughout the test period. For the polishes that were applied for three weeks to a month, there were some minor chippings around the edges of the nails, but nothing that would draw attention. They also won against the water and detergent tests.

I would highly recommend these products for your nails, as it will make them look bold and beautiful for however long you decide to sport them. Find them on the their website. Each of the shades (there are over 65 colors) retail for $14.00 and is worth every penny.

Rock this line on any occasion they’ll never see you coming.


**Originally published on Glitter Magazine’s website.
Photos courtesy of dermelec.com

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