(Happy) New Year Update!

Hey All,

I know that I am 23 days late for this post but better late than never right?! I hope you and yours are having a prosperous New Year! I spent the night with my friend in freezing temperatures to ring in the New Year. 

We arrived at Penn’s Landing too early, so we went to a hotel to warm up and had a mini photoshoot while secretly judging people for being half naked and complaining about the cold in the same breath.


I am in the final four months of my undergraduate degree, and I could not be more excited to be done and start working. I am planning to study abroad, but I am not so sure how that will play out. I will add and update, but until then, I  am enjoying my days. 

This year, I resolve to have the happiest days and enjoy my life no matter how good or b bad of a day I might have. As a result, I embarked on a journey to challenge myself to 100 Days of HappYness (I do know how to spell happiness). You can head over there to take a look at that! 


Mind you, I know nothing- and I do mean nothing- about American Football, but I have respect for this city, and this is major for us this year! I am from Philly, so to show my support by wearing my green the day after the National Football Conference Championship game! Peep me!

When you stop by drop a flower emoji 🌺 to let me know you were there, and do say hey! That is all for now but I will see you very soon!

Until Next Time…

Stay Fabulous!

– Tiffany♥

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