Why DJ Khaled Is My Inspiration

Hey You,

As this beautiful month of July is my birth month, I want it to be all about positivity. I want it to be filled with positive energy and good vibes, so what better time to talk about someone who inspires me. As you can see above, yes, DJ Khaled is currently my inspiration. He is a happy person, and I endeavor to always be filled with happiness and have the grandeur to embrace and share my joy.

Here are a few reasons why DJ Khaled inspires me:

  • He is positivity

This man is always filled with energy and enthusiasm and just pure positive energy. I have never heard this man complain about anything at all. While I do understand that he is indeed human and has bad days, he has never put that out in public and, I respect him so much for his discipline. It is no wonder great things are happening for him, and the thought alone gets me excited. 

  • He is happy

I think that he never has a fully dull day because he surrounds himself with things and people who make him happy. He talks about everything he loves and admires, and he speaks of people in such a respectful manner one could never truly dislike him. 

  • He knows what he’s about/ Man is focused

This man is about his family. His son and his fiancée. He talks about them every day, as a matter of fact, every chance that he gets. He is also about his music which is his passion. I can only hope that I will find a few things that I am so passionate about to make it my livelihood, inspiration and daily joy. 

The man is blessed and not only regarding wealth, he appreciates everything in his life (his family, his connections) and his career.

I know some people might say, what is see is not necessarily what you get or not all that glitters is gold. But allow me to see gold even if it is just for a moment. Enjoy your day now and fill it with positivity. Have a wonderful July, you deserve it. Also, buy his album GRATEFUL. It is excellent!  #WildThoughts.

Side note: He is also always #GRATEFUL and his Snapchat stories are entertaining. Adding some light to my days.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous,
  –  Tiffany♥

*Photo courtesy of DJ Khaled’s Instagram account.

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