Day 28- January 2017

This is a bit late… I have been tired and busy, but I am determined to complete the blog challenge for January that I have set for myself. Go check out the other posts.


I am genuinely happy and excited that I am blessed to be living a good and healthy life filled with fun, boredom and mild adventures and wonderful friends and family.  I am in college right now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with two concentrations. I also am doing a certificate and a minor, so no time to waste really. Sometimes I dislike school overall, but I guess we all have those days. 

I am also alive and well. Breathing, healthy, the works, you know. That is something to feel thankful for as it could be much worse. I could be dead, lost or in a ditch somewhere, so I’m good. Also, you beautiful people take the time out of your day to read my blog, so I am thankful and happy about that. My family is also doing well- in one way or another- and they are smiling so how can I complain. My friends are also still alive and kicking. Happy is what I am. I think I sound like an old person here so I’m going to go now.

All in all, I am blessed. I’m sure yo are too. You have a great and wonderful day now!

Share with me why you are blessed.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…
      – Tiffany♥

Instagram: @waywardtiff
Twitter: @waywardtiff

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