Why Am I The Way That I Am?…

It is said that our environment, experiences, choices and family (genetics) influence our behaviors, opinions, and attitudes and who we are as a person. I must agree with that because I make my choices as to how I behave and some of my personality traits, my experiences also affect my behaviors and my family, most definitely.

Being Jamaican gives me a whole different schema than most Americans and people from other nationalities. Where I come from people are comfortable in their skin, say exactly what is on their minds, and if they dislike someone, the other person will know. I think this is why I am so blunt and I never beat around the bush with my opinions (I only share them when asked). 

I am comfortable in my skin, whereas I meet other people who want to distort their bodies to be what is ‘accepted’ during this time- whether it be by having surgeries, too much exercise, wearing uncomfortable clothes to fit in and doing unpleasant things, etc. I am not one to judge, but society does not dictate how I should behave or look just for its benefit. I do not let people dictate how I should feel.

I am from a go with the flow culture; we deal with things as they happen. Therefore, I am more relaxed and easy-going in my daily life. However, whereas most Jamaicans tend to want to be in the hype, I am a bit different in that aspect, among many others of course. I am also more accepting on a broader spectrum than most of my fellow Jamaicans.

To me, our experiences are one of the many essential functions in life. Scenarios that I have been a part of and have seen happen are what help to shape me into a more vigilant, calm and collected individual who likes to listen, know more, and talk less. What I think is that through my experiences that I have become less judgmental, more reserved and more appreciative of the little things in life. I learn more every day, and I hope to change for the better.

I  have some traits from my family. Most my character traits I get from my father. He is serious, takes shit from no one, and he is a no nonsense person. He will take and listen to people’s crap for but so long. He’s quite something really. In contrast, my mother is friendly, polite and beautiful until you insult someone she loves especially her children- bad idea. 

Overall, I would say I am an OK person. An average human who believes that people must gain my respect, I am neither too good nor too bad. What can I say? I am my daddy’s child, though I do laugh and giggle a lot once you get to know me.

I could lie and say I am good and everything about me is all peaches and rainbow, but I ceased telling lies in 2012. It no good for me or the people around me, so what’s the point, right? I am still fabulous, don’t get me wrong but I am a fabulously OK person (sounds like I’m stroking my ego here, but I’m not, just being honest). I can also be a drama queen!

What do you think?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥

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