Meaning Behind Blog Name…

Why hello!

Jus Tiffany! Why ‘Jus Tiffany’?

There is not much but then, so much behind my blog name. I was appointed the name Tiffany at birth. It is the English name from the Greek word Theophany (or the Egyptian holiday Epiphany), and I quite like that it means “appearance of God,” which I love my name. However, over the years I have been given nicknames that I just don’t like.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 03.43.12.png

I love my name, I do. I just hate when it is shortened as a term of endearment from others. I do not like being called ‘Tiff,’ and I get that a lot, mostly since I started college and everyone decides to shorten my name because they are not bothered to say the rest of my name. I will accept the nickname Tiff but only if we are friends or I if I am familiar with the individual.

My last name is a whole different story. I have a surname that is somewhat difficult to spell and pronounce. When people attempt to use it, letters are either added or subtracted for their benefit, so I usually shorten it to avoid any confusion. Plus, I hate people spoiling my name, it kind of a pet peeve of mine.

So… when I share my name with others I tell them to refer to me as just Tiffany, and that;’s fine. This means that they will avoid shortening my first name and never using my surname, unless necessary of course. That is why my blog is called Jus Tiffany.

Oh, and the ‘Just’ is spelled ‘Jus’ because that’s how it is pronounced in Jamaica- without the T. I endeavor to insert my Jamaicanness in everything that I can whenever I can.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
        – Tiffany♥

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