My Favourite Person…


My favourite person at the moment is my niece. She is the only one I have, and she is the most beautiful kindred spirit in my life. She is one fiery, witty child, who if I am not careful will make a fool out of me if I let her. She is sometime-ish (moody) and loves to get her own way in everything. Mischievous and bossy little thing she is. She makes me want to be warm and fuzzy all over.

She is a 5-year-old by the way and quite a spectacle.


How do you possibly describe a tiny human that you love beyond words to people you don’t know? I don’t I possibly can. She may be my favourite child and person for a while because her cuteness is simply adorable. She uses that cuteness to her advantage which has me fawning even more over her. Does she always feel the same way I do? Not necessarily… she may say I am stressing her out (poor kid wouldn’t be able to handle stress if it was staring in her face) and she sometimes refuses to talk to me but I don’t mind. I am just like her so it would be a bit hypocritical wouldn’t it?

Her aura is just beautiful. I don’t usually gush over people, but she has earned it, and she will always be a beautiful light at the end of the rainbow. She has everyone wrapped around her tiny little fingers and she knows it too. Oh, and her tiny enchanting little giggles. Cute.

Oh how much she is loved, she shall always know #thefeels. She is my sunshine, my only sunshine, she makes me happy when skies are grey (or when she feels like it because I did say she was moody). 

***As I am writing this she is singing her tiny little face off and CLAIMS that she’s mad at me. Beautiful soul.***

Who’s your favourite and why?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

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