What am I Afraid/Scared of?

Each person has legitimate fears of some sorts, whether it be a character, clowns, spiders or even snakes. The average person is scared of horror/scary movies. I, on the other hand, hate everything about them. Frankly, I find them rather annoying and a waste of my time. Should I ever go to the theatre to see a movie in the horror genre, I inevitably will fall asleep. Needless to say, I have no money to waste, so it’s never going to happen. The sounds are never where they are supposed to be- in my rather humble opinion. I also know that it is meant to scare/horrify me I expect it, so it is somewhat pointless (to me that is).


This is a rather weird phenomenon on my part: Watching Pretty Little Liars (PLL) scares the living daylights out of me. I will not budge from fear during a scary movie, but this high school teen drama makes me want to flip out. It is one of my favourite TV shows, but it stresses me out constantly. Like who tf is A, aka red coat, aka AD…already? Everyone at some point in that show has been suspected to be A.

Me too Hanna… me too.

***I always wanted it to be Hanna- the dumb blonde outsmarts everyone.***

Those girls truly have it to deal with. For six years I have been watching, and sometimes I don’t know what to expect, at times I do, and other times I’m like WTF? I haven’t had any nightmares…yet, and the show is a bit predictive but it is so so well written. People are rising from the dead, some wacky family relationships and situations, sharing a boyfriend, perversion. Need I say more? I mean the scenarios that the girls are in are just freaking bizarre.
Like I said WTFLuckily, not everyone’s high school experience could cause them to has PTSD. There are a lot of WTF moments in that TV show.


On a more serious note. I fear the day my mother decides it is OK for her to just walk towards that bloody light because she thinks it is her time to go. I know I sound selfish but she is my mother for crying out loud. Firstly, I am not ready to be a full-blown adult where I no longer require guidance from my mother. And, let me be honest, that’s never going to happen. I just want her to live forever, because.. well… she is just supposed to live forever, or she may die after I do or we can die together.

I don’t want to be without my mother is the point. She should be able to witness everything I do, the good, the bad, and the frigging ugly. I am so not a Mommy’s girl, which makes this even more heartbreaking. I am such a sap now so, I’m gonna go now…

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥

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