Favourite Quote…

Life isn’t always what you want it to be, and we often need some inspiration for a jumpstart. I have quite a few quotes that I really like depending on my mood at that moment. As opposed to writing an epistle, here a few of my favourites. 


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

I unquestionably have so much respect and regard for this quote. Oscar Wilde is a smart man if I do say so myself. I have an intense dislike for fake people (I’m trying to use the word hate less). Be who you are always because there will be people who will not like you. And that’s alright. They are missing out on your spark, more for you. 



This quote, by Elbert Hubbard, is how I live my life. Often times my life feels like an endless roller coaster of unwanted crap, and I sometimes want to feel down and sulk in my own little bubble. But I don’t. I laugh when I can and when that fails I watch crappy YouTube fail videos.  

***It was also my very first tweet. How awesome is that?


“Expect the unexpected, so when the unexpected happens you won’t get disappointed.”

I am always prepared for the best and the worst. One of the qualities I admire most about myself is that I am forever able to find at least one good thing in the worst of situations. 

I’ve never been truly disappointed, mostly pissed that things don’t usually go my way. Usually, when I don’t get the desired result, (especially when I don’t get internships) I say to myself “Tiffany, they are the ones missing out on your fabulous” among other things 😉. Then I shrug my shoulders. I tell my friends the same thing. 


LOVE QUOTE  it explains itself enough, I think.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 22.19.54.png

There are better ones, I should hope. Let me know what your favourites are.

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous…

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