10 Ways to Win My Heart ❤️ 🗝…

I don’t believe that the perfect person exists. I believe that each person is outstanding and marvellous in their own ways and they may be attractive to some while not to others. Better yet, let me say perfection is a matter of perspective.

Each person has a set of qualities that the seek out in their partners. 10 of mine are listed below:

1. Make me laugh
I myself thrive on improving imperfections. I like someone who’s perfectly imperfect. I am not a superficial person. As long as I make you happy and you do the same.  Make me laugh at the simplest of things. Be the beauty to my beast.

2. Let us have engaging conversations about everything and nothing
Stimulate me through conversation. Let us talk about something new, something old, something that makes no sense and is therefore not worthy of the stupid conversation that we are having. Entertain me somehow and we’ll be alright.

2. DO NOT waste my time 🙅🏾
This is a pet-peeve of mine. Just get to stepping if you feel the need to waste my time. I am not here for that ’cause I’ll punch you in the face. If it’s not working say so because I surely will tell you. And, if you are looking for somebody’s feelings to play with, I am not the one.tumblr_o672o0a6a11rc3z3ro2_1280

3. Be nice and patient 
 I can’t ever be dating someone who’s rude to a server or my family. No, I can’t have that. You better care and show it too. Give me patience during my indecisive moments.

4. Family matters
My family means the world to me. It is my hope that my future boyfriend will get along well with my family and my friends too because it’s important to me. Unless you are in a truly messed up and unsalvageable family situation then we’ll be fine. 

5. Accept me as I am
… and I will always do the same. I won’t ever try to change you and thou shalt not try change me. Let us grow together, we can only get better (hopefully). All you need to do is tolerate my mood changes.

6. Be adventurous, silly and weird.💃🏾🕺tumblr_n7b28iz4fh1s4eppeo1_500

I’d like to travel all around and see the world, and it would be great to have someone with whom I would go about carrying out those activities. Bring me somewhere new. Take me out of my comfortable bubble and open my eyes. Let us try some weird new food that I would never try by myself or do something unlike Tiffany. Let us be weird and silly together. Dance in the rain, dance fast to slow songs and slow to fast song. Simply indulge me when I want to dance. Let’s be mischievous together.

7. Don’t brag-  it unattractiveoh-heeeell-to-the-no

… because I am not afraid to kick you off that high horse. Humble ya self. Homeboy. Or, I surely will. Brag little, complain less. I am wagging my finger as I type this.

8. Make me feel like the important to you
… and I shall always do the same for you. A little encouragement here and there never hurt. I consume a lot of time and energy but I don’t ask for much else. I am not necessarily a warm and fuzzy person all the time but I’m sure I will make you feel cherished. It’s the little things.

Our relationship should be: what Tiffany wants Tiffany gets and what HE wants HE gets. Simple.

9. Have your own personality and style.00a18293c8c74e0e40584d3f7913e186

Know who YOU are as an individual. What do you stand for? A great personality goes a long way. I like someone who doesn’t always want to be with the hype.

10. Challenge me!
Intellectually! Physically! Just challenge me to make me want to be the best version of myself.


What do you look for in a partner? What are your dislikes and likes?

Upon reflection, this seems like a letter to my future boyfriend. So, should you ever read this GOOD LUCK HUN! 😘

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
      – Tiffany♥

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