Favourite Childhood Book 📖…

Hey You,

So.. I had an interesting childhood filled with great friends, cousins, games and outdoor activities, but often times I found myself needing my alone time. That was when I would read to broaden my worldview and my vocabulary, so a good book was my escape.



I can’t for the life of me remember who gave me my first copy of a Nancy Drew mystery story, but that person changed my life, for sure. As soon as I started reading it I was enthralled by how kickass a girl can be, especially in her teenage years and I fell in love. She made me want to be a detective at a point in my life. My first #womancrush (probably).  

I am actually obsessed with the Nancy Drew mystery stories collection by Carolyn Keene. As soon as I completed reading the story, I reread it. I owned about 20/56 of them; not so much now because they are back home in JA and probably cease to exist. I could breeze through those books in a jiffy. My companions disliked them because they were hardly illustrated. I, however, loved them because they allowed me to be creative with my thought and let my imagination run wild.

I hope to own the entire collection someday and then read them all in one setting. Just because. Give me one of these, and I’d be your best friend for the month.Buy me the entire collection? Oh… unconditional love for life. I shall own them all… someday. 

I don’t have a particular favorite book in the collection-  mostly because I haven’t read one in a  long while. But the stories are all excellent in their own respect. The books are all so different, yet so similar, and the stories get better as the series grew.

Probably these books made me somewhat of a skeptic because I am always thinking everything is not always what they seem. I always try to find the logic in everything but also the good in every situation. I tend to overthink almost everything- which btw is not always a bad thing. 

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

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