Relationship Status…🤔

Hello there, again..

I shall share with you the most intimate details of my personal life. It might get a bit descriptive so proceed with caution.

I have been in love for a while now- about 4 years. My partner has treated me well, and we have been committed to each other with all forms of love. It has been for the most part unconditional but who is to say what may happen in the future. Whenever we are together my mouth waters and there are butterflies in my stomach. My eyes light up with joy and my heart flutters with love and complete devotion. My loins never experience as much joy than the first time my lips first grazed my love’s surface.

Upon first encounter my palms were sweaty, knees weak, plus my brain was not ready for what was in store for my body. The brown contours to my loves dark and colourful interior gave me much to think about. I mean the endless possibilities of taste and various flavours that could be relinquished onto my mouth and into me. The soft drizzle envelops my mouth with a creamy texture and leaves a decadent taste in its wake. 

If somebody ever asks me “what that mouf do?” I can honestly reply “Quite a lot” with a satisfied smirk plastered on my face.

And the expressions and sounds that I make when we are through are just glorious. The greens, yellows, and reds that clothe my love and add more life are what keeps me looking forward to each day. I always experience a constant high when our paths cross.

Y’all nasty if your minds thought about nothing other than a lovely burger. I mean what else is there to be in love with. We are in a happy, healthy and balanced relationship. Often times we add more to the mix- you know a side of fries and lemonade.


If you were thinking about me having intimate relations with another human being, then the answer is…. drumroll I’m single af. It’s the fugly😂.




I probably had you there for a minute 😇…

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous🤗

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