My Best Physical Feature(s)…

Well… Aren’t we about to get mad personal right now? I could go into detail as to why I like the listed parts of my body but I will not. So be ye forewarned that some of the reasons provided are superficial.

I feel confident in my body most days. I am a rather skinny girl with the hopes of getting fat or gaining weight sometime in the near future. 


This is the best non-sexual pic I could find. via


God has blessed me with wonderful mangoes or grapefruits. I have nothing to be mad about. They are there and they make me not look that much of a boy. Otherwise, I have a  washboard body. If I loose them NBD but for now I am appreciating them. 


My neck is another feature that I really like on my body. When everything else changes- color, dryness, softness or hardness- my neck never changes. It has one color and it is always clean and I make a point of making it smell nice. Always. It is also long like that of a model.



Like Shakira, my hips never lie. Are the tiny? Yes. Non-existent? Probably. But hey, in my mind, they are as broad as ever and they are good at putting it to work! work! work! work! work! work! hmm mmm mmm. I sincerely enjoy dancing and being able to move them how I want them when I want them is quite fun.  Movements, I believe, is all in the hips.

 There are other fun parts of my body but then I don’t want to be sharing way too much information with y’all. So this is the best that I can do for now. I wish not to scar your eyes after or while reading my blog. What your favourite part? Why?

Until next time…

Stay Fabulous
     – Tiffany♥

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