Hey Again,
Today I am grateful for my life. I have lived a pretty alright life so far, and the hope is to make it better as time passes. I am happy, and I have a wonderful mother who provides for me (otherwise I’d die. Big shoutout to Mi Mommy!! I also have wonderful friends who work my nerves sometimes, but I am a living definition of mischievous and they talk to me anyway. How else would they know that I actually like them?

I also have a beautiful niece who by the way reminds me much of myself and what’s not to love about that little girl?

Keeping it mad real, I am (like most college students) appreciative of FAFSA who covers my student loans until I leave school and must pay them off. The point is I don’t have to worry much about it now. I am a contented student. I am getting an education and still pushing through, so not much to whine about anyway. Is there? That would only make me a pompous, ungrateful brat (and I don’t like that).

The best is yet to come, and I look forward to the day things workout/happen for me. I am also thankful for the people who continue to believe in me even when I have shitty days.

Until next time….

Stay Fabulous
       – Tiffany♥

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