An Average Day In My Life…


An average day in my life is pretty boring. I am not a morning person, never have been and never will be. I am meanest when I am woken up early in the morning especially for no apparent reason (my mother does this). I hate being spoken to in my sleep because my response is pure gibberish, and crap but Mother insists on talking to me while I sleep.

This is what most of my days look like:

I wake up in the afternoon, eat, surf the internet and shower to prepare for the day. I then leave for school and it takes me about an hour to get there from my house, so I do need ample time for traveling. 

*** This is if I have no classes before 11 AM. I can take no class earlier than 11 AM, it would be the death of me. 11 AM is even too soon for me to function, and I am not a coffee drinker, so I am walking putty at this time.

I then leave for school and meet up with my friends to hang out for a bit before I go to class. If I have a club or organization meeting to attend, I do that during this time period. I also eat lunch during that time and most time I go to Applebees find somewhere that serves delicious burger, fries, and lemonade and fill my tummy before class. After making my tummy happy, I then look over my work and head off to class. 

I prefer to take late classes or night classes because that is the time when my brain is wide awake and is receptive to learning and listening to people. So after my classes, I usually head straight home because it’s late. When I get home

When I get home, I eat dinner, study and complete all my assignments and write my notes for class. I work till about 3-4:30 AM in the morning then I go to sleep and repeat the process. My days are really the same as anyone, just a bit later on in the day.

***Don’t misunderstand me, if I must wake up I will (like when I am traveling and have early flights. 

On the weekends, depending on the weather, I may go out to each and watch a movie, or I may stay home and enjoy the comfort my bed provides me. I hate cold weather, so I’m pretty much a hermit during the winter. When it’s also unbearably hot, I stay inside under the air conditioner, ’cause why not?

***Me when my friends want me to go out in the cold. nicki-minaj-hell-to-the-no

What does your day look like? Are you a morning person? Or are you and an evening person like me? My mother is such a morning person, everyone in my family is a morning person except me, and they wake up, and they flitter around like a pack of wolves disturbing my precious sleep. It is hard work living with a morning person I tell you. #thestruggleisreal

Until next time….

Stay Fabulous
      -Tiffany ♥

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