Embarrassing/ Awkward Social Moments…😨


I reckon that every encounter that I have with people are 80 percent awkward for the most part. I am very talkative when necessary. I come off as standoffish when I am in the presence of someone I’m not familiar with, and I am therefore not comfortable enough to show up and show out. Another reason for my silence can be that I dislike the person. I have no time to be fake with people, I just pretend they’re not in my presence when they in fact are.

The face you make when you don’t like someone.

I wouldn’t call myself a person who goes out to deliberately make friends, in fact, I don’t even try that hard. I am a team player, don’t get me wrong, but I only speak when I’m spoken to. (I have good manners). I classify myself as an extroverted-introvert, so I prefer to be by my lonesome. I like my own space and I prefer when people are not in my way when I wish them not to be. However, when extroverted Tiffany must come out, she makes an appearance and leaves. I am not one to be tried.Β 

When your face is not saying what you want it to say.

My most awkward social moments are when I am talking to someone and they randomly ask me if they are offending me. My friends tell me that my facial expressions are way different on the outside than what I am trying to portray. I would say that on the regular I am always sporting resting bitch face, so I mostly look angry and mean and unapproachable. But, I am nice (most times) and pay no attention to my face.Β 

Otherwise, I THINK my social interactions with people areΒ ok? I’m weird and different and I don’t mind it. Something’s gotta give.Β 

Happy Monday! Until next time….

Stay Fabulous
Β  Β  Β – Tiffany β™₯

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