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Happy Holidays…. To AllπŸŽ„

Hey, all! πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸΎ

Happy Friday! It has been a while since I last updated this blog, but here I am. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. If not, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I hope you had a merry time with good food, good people and should that not have been the case? Well… what can you do now?


This coming new year I am challenging myself to add more content to my blog and update more often than probably necessary. I wish to have a presence, cause someday I will do great things, and I want to look back and be like “aww… Tiffany, you were too cute… πŸ™‚ sighs. Therefore, I am challenging myself to blog every day in January 2017, and just, so I don’t run out of ideas, I have written some topics that I wish to write about so you can learn more about me. This is a personal blog, and I am not much of the touchy-feely type, but I shall do my best to be as open as possible… or necessary. I am quite open, I think, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The topics are listed below in the attached image. Be sure to come back daily to see what I have in store for you.

31 days of January blog Challenge.png
TiffanyC @waywardtiff



Until next time… next year…😊

Stay Fabulous
Β  Β  Β  – TiffanyΒ β™₯

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