Philly Favourites… Penn’s Landing



One of my favourite places in Philadelphia is Penn’s Landing. It is a waterfront near Old City, Philadelphia, which hosts events, activities and is a home for a fleet of boats. I love it especially during the summer as it is the host of numerous events. Yearly, there is a Caribbean Festival, and I have been a patron since 2014.

Sailboats on the water. Camden, NJ is behind the sailboats.
The bridge to my left is the Ben Franklin Bridge. It connects Philly to New Jersey (NJ).

Here I am standing close to the edge of the wall (fearing that I may fall in), trying get a beautiful photo of me wistfully gazing at the calming yet treacherous waters.

Sidebar – As I stood there, I feared for my life. Surprisingly, I cannot swim. It is a bit ironic considering that I am from an island surrounded by water. To make matters even worse, in the countryside where I was raised, I was also surrounded by water. But the blame is on Mommy. She never allowed me to learn, and I am probably the only person in my family who can’t swim (fun fact).


The Blue Cross RiverRink is also in the same vicinity. This photo was taken last year  (05.2015) when I went skating with a few people.  Mind you; I know not how to skate, so I was clenching my butt hard not to fall. 

I am wearing the grey cardigan (obviously!). I am casually posing for the photo while trying not to fall. ( photo via Blue Cross RiverRink.)


Penn’s Landing is in proximity to the Spruce Street Harbor Park.  There are hammocks, food trucks and a list of activities that are available to visitors of the site. The boats are used mostly for dining and entertainment purposes.

A few years ago, I went on the Spirit of Philadelphia- a favorite cruise in Philly that gives one a skyline view of the city while feeding you. The experience was scary but fun. The cruise lasted for about two hours, and the food and company were great.

Back in 2013 at the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise. I went on this cruise with my HS.

Given that I fear water, I only went on the boat because it would not leave Philly, and I was surrounded by people who could swim (I asked). I probably would never go on a proper cruise.


If and when you visit, we shall hang out!

Until next time….

Stay Fabulous               


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