First day of school…



I dread the first day of school, but the mystery of it all excites me. Who will I meet? Where? What will pique my interest that day?

I dislike doing introductions. I have to go above and beyond to tell people an interesting fact about myself, how my summer was and why I taking the class. As an extroverted introvert, that is asking ALOT from me (I tend to refrain from much speaking). I mean could you put me on the spot one more time?

I can never think of anything interesting enough to say about myself, and I am taking the class because it is required for my major. And most times, I honestly don’t care about what someone else did for the summer, and we most likely will not speak afterwards so why should I care what your name is? (not to sound harsh or insensitive).

My biggest issue with most first days is that professors expect you to turn up to class with a syllabus and books in hand. Mind you, they refuse to upload them to the school site. Instead, they are added literally one minute before. And why must textbooks be so expensive? Hundreds of dollars for books that sit pretty in my bookcase.

But it is quite nice seeing familiar faces. Your crush, your friends, and the surroundings look bright and new like a ray of sunshine hitting you after a long, cold winter. Some things feel new and it makes you look forward d to what might be your dullest semester.


Until next time…

Stay Fabulous

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